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Cho-Lin (4 months ago) #25872918I was trying to get lim Nono as well but no luck here either ;_; I've actually grown really fond of Nono after looking more into her character a couple weeks ago. She's so cute and precious and must be protected. At least I pulled her SR I guess so I could put her into my room lol
I did get a couple new SSRs during CinFes and the anniversary gacha but sadly hardy any idols I care about =w= I pulled Shizuku (I dislike her so much orz), Hinako, Mio, Hotaru, Hiromi (Concentration, why?!), Rika (pretty happy here) and CinFes Kaede. And I ticketed Syoko because I've aso grown really fond of her lately...I actually didn't realize I pulled this many lol. But you got a whole bunch of SSRs too! o:
Have you seen Kaede's perm SSR? I think she looks so beautiful, especially idolized <3 So glad that she isn't limited because I hardly have any jewels left. The past gacha weeks really were rough imo, so many things =w= I think I will try to save up a lot of jewels from now on in case there will ever be a limited SSR or CinFes SSR I really wanna get.

Nono's such a cutie, I really love her too ;A;
I've to admit that sometimes she reminds me of my own negative personality... (and yeah, friends of mine told me that too lol). But unlike me, she's so strong and is trying her best to be an idol. I really admire her ;A;

Aah, sorry for talking about that btw ww
Thanks to Nono, I started to like Shibuya Rin's character too for some reason.

Maybe her Lim!SSR'll appear again next year? I hope so...
Her Permanent card is also cute <3

I see. Gatchas are so... unpredictable. But, at least you got more Passion cards (especially Jougasaki Rika's) Congratz! ;A;
That also happened to my old account btw, I got idols that I didn't like very much orz. At least I'm quite satisfied with this new account. I have Anzu and Mizuki, which are some of my fav idols from the game ;A;

Yes! I saw the new SSR Kaede and she's so gorgeous...
I would like to have her in the future, more than her Cinfes or Limited version. Good thing she's permanent, so you have time to get her someday! C;
I should save jewels too, I think Limited Kirari will appear again on the last week of this month...