34 days ago (4 days ago)CaptainZCaptainZ
I completely lost interest in Marvel for reasons. This lead me to basically dump my entire marvel legends collection on eBay. This also happened to me with Figma and SHF.
Now I started selling off my lego and transformers (since the property to me has no clear future)
So yeah, I have made some major consolations in the past year and a half.
It was natural after 10 years collecting action figures and pretty much going 1/12 crazy (buying everything from MOTUC to Marvel legends) I came to the conclusion that I don't like posing figures.
Now I am only doing Scales of Anime (my true love) and Nintendo (my other true love) but that may get extended in the future to scales of western stuff when I get more space (and money).
IMO if you are not curating you are hoarding so it is natural to let the collection change over time. Otherwise, you will go into burnout and do things you may regret.