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Coffee (4 days ago) #29500127Yep, I do.
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But since they're price figures, they don't really have a list price and it shouldn't be listed on MFC at all, but these entries are old so I'm guessing someone just added the info found on HS.

Hrrmm that doesn't confirm their release price, but it triple confirms that they are prizes, haha!

I thought all prize figures on MFC were listed by the price of 1 try in the lottery/arcade they are from? They should actually be added with no price listed at all if I understood you correctly? (English is not my first language. >.<)

CrowMaiden (4 days ago) #29503730I would probably die if Kotobukiya did a nice Chrono and Rosette. I loved this series so much and I would love a good Chrono especially.
(Personally, I liked the ending of the anime more, but I liked the manga better all the way up until the end. So I'm very fond of them both because they combine for the perfect story in my opinion hahaha)

If Kotobukiya would make them, I would be like:


I try to keep hope!

Chrono is also my favorite character from the franchise, but Azmaria comes a close second. <3

The anime ending was a lot more saddening, but the manga version made me think a lot more about all the events that happened during the franchise (instead of INSTANTLY GETTING SUPER SAD). I got more peace with the manga ending because of that, although the anime ending was so shocking that it stuck to me for a while. Anyway, that's the reason why I recommend both! Both endings are really interesting in their own way. :)