07 years agoSlee24Slee24
flyingteapotTogame just arrived and I loved her!

I didn't have any problems with the shoulder pad, but yeah, getting her on the pegs and then adjusting the support to place the hair part was a bit tricky though I think it I handled it without any problems.

Hoping to post some shots soonish ^^

I tried putting her on the pegs all the way...The pegs popped out of the other side of base, but luckily popped right back. That seemed to have helped me get the pegs pretty much all the way up her feet this time (it scared the hell out of me, though)

I find that it's really easy to get everything on the base correctly and sturdily if you do this: 1) Separate at waist. 2) Connect her hair to hair stand. 3) Place lower half onto pegs. 4) Put the hair stand into it's slot on the base 5) position lower half so that it slides into the torso correctly and put the torso on while making sure that the hair stand doesn't come out of the base or her hair. 6) Go get a drink because that took way too much effort :)