05 years agoNeko_OrihimeNeko_Orihime
chapters0The best arc was the whole society arc!!! It was awesome and the whole plot twist of azien being bad! As for the anccar arc I didn't really watch it but the whole azien taking inoune was repeative like ichigo has to save another one. But I still will miss it and I don't want it to end....

I liked it, but as you probably may have noticed, I really like Orihime xD So I'm biased.
I remember the times, the soul society arc first aired, ahh those were good. Good plot twists, I really didn't see Aizen being the big bad coming.

One part I also liked was the turn back the pendulum part. I really like Uruhara as well, so I loved seeing his past. (It kinda pisses me off, that after so many years we still don't know much about him, except for that. for some reason I've always wanted to see his bankai. He was a captain so he most likely has one since his name is not Kenpachi)