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baldr365 (5 years ago) #990260Just giving an advice, mate. Self-control should be developed early at this hobby, especially if you're a student. You'll see a lot of posts here about people getting into trouble financially, and the #1 advice is to carefully consider your purchase. If you're too free-spending like Raithos you'll get into trouble later. He's having an 8-hr job to support his hobby while being a student (which is amazing, as I didn't have that kind of free time when I was a student. Like my old professor said: "If you don't spend the majority of your time studying when you're a college student, you're not reaching your potential and not learning what you need to.") Your time in college is an investment for your life, why take the easy way out, you're just going to short-change yourself later in your career.
Just my 2 cents.
Edit: If you want to sell OP figures, I've heard that kolektakon is a dedicated community. You can try to sell there.

Discipline and Money management skills (i.e. budgeting) are key values that need to be practiced within this hobby whether you're a student, or working in a full time career. It doesn't matter what stage of collecting you're at. However, someone asking for information on sales venues does not lack discipline, regardless of the size of their collection. Unforeseen financial situations can arise at any time for anyone (unless you're substantially affluent). Selling figures to alleviate that unforeseen circumstance is a smart move, regardless of the size of a collection.

Excuse me, you can cut the "like Raithos" bit right there. Spouting references like you suddenly know my monthly budget? That's a no-no. You don't know anything about my lifestyle or my expenses, yet all of a sudden I'm "too free spending"? Now it's my turn to assume. I'll assume that you arrived at your derivative based on the snippet of my lifestyle you had about a week and a half ago (when the Ultimate Madoka preorders started up); where you chose to wrongfully misquote me in an uninformed manner about hours worked at my past job - which is now irrelevant, mind you). My hobby is only a single facet of what my money is allocated towards. I have bills to pay and other expenses to take care of just like any other working person. I pride myself on being able to build up my work experience while attending University. If you didn't have that free time when you were a student, then that's your business. That doesn't apply to me. People can either handle working and going to school (which I've seen many do successfully) or they can't. It didn't affect my "potential" nor did it affect my learning. On the contrary it was a valuable experience for my friends and myself. Focusing incessantly on classes is fine, knock yourself out. I chose to utilize my allocated spare time to the fullest by working, which I've been doing since I was 15. Working and going to school lead to some valuable practical lessons for me. Utilizing discipline and money management skills from an early stage through work, are some of the reasons why I had the spare cash to start collecting figures in the first place. It also didn't stop me from graduating High School with honors, and repeating that feat in University. So I guess you're right on the "that's amazing" part ;).

Back on topic:
Kolektakon... definitely sell there King, you might get an offer.
Check your PM's too.