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Miaeka (1 day ago) #29595621The reason people mark as uninteresting (myself included) is that the point of blogs on the website is to share information and updates regarding figures. This blog doesn't have a point and frankly, should be saved for tumblr.

Is that really true? I’ve used the blog (diary) before to reflect on my thoughts about my collection, or if I make a big decision regarding what direction I will take in the future, or if I’m wondering if the collecting community is having similar thoughts to me. I don’t use tumblr or a multitude of social media, this is really the only place I come to for this hobby.

There’s a large age range in this community, and if I feel someone is maybe younger and just seems to want to post a thought I don’t usually just smack them down, but give guidance or encouragement? It’s hard to be in this hobby with the judgement you can receive, so if you can’t talk to people around you about it, sharing thoughts here is OK with me, as long as it’s marked as ‘diary’ then I usually have a good idea what it could contain.

However, I do feel the content of articles is waning or getting less interesting lately :-/ I actually find the topic of your comment more thought-provoking on my end heh.

Something like this is more what I would post on a friend’s page in the comments ^_^;;

...in any case, OP, I hope you get what you’re wanting, your collection still seems small so every figure you get is probably exciting and fills you with joy. Ah, what a nice time.
171 day agoAmorphousAmorphous
the ratio of interesting to uninteresting made me chuckle
141 day agoNihNih ~Spiritless~
Anything that ain't pure water vapor will leave some kind of residue.
Simple as that.

Normal cigarettes leaves nicotine in particular, and it discolors walls, figures and leaves a sticky film on EVERYTHING.
The discoloring cant be washed away completely nor can the smell.

Now I don't know about weed, since I haven't painted a room of a heavy weed smoker yet.
But candles and smokes of any kind in the same room as your figures, is a big no from me.

101 day agoRaikiri29Raikiri29
Call the Police xD
101 day agoKalasRavenKalasRaven
I understand that you're excited about possibly getting a new Nendo, but writing about it after you got it would have been better. Adding pictures, writing how happy you are and maybe making it a little review of the figure would have been vastly more interesting and entraining to read.

I hope you get the Nendo you want!
96 hours ago (6 hours ago)maggiemaggie
It’s a crapshoot, that’s for sure. Since I’ve been collecting so long and my collection has evolved a lot, I ask more long-term questions: will this make me happy? Is there anything like this comparable? Will something else like this release in the future? Is the company reliable? Will I want to actually own this with my now limited space and will I want to go through all the trouble of selling it when I tire of it??

In the end, it’s mostly figures that pull on me heavily that I’ve been buying, or I know I can get mileage out of (Figmas and nendos I can mod and pose a lot so there’s a larger fun factor than fixed pose scale), scale figures have to be pretty damn impressive and of a character I love. With the heavy slant on nostalgia recently, I’ve been practically falling out of my chair at some announcements, really helps me realize what I want!!

Why buy something you’re lukewarm about? SOMETHING AWESOME AND NEW WILL ALWAYS BE IN THE WORKS. Just waiting to be announced, waiting to make you fall off your chair, choke on your food, or make you wish somehow you could press the ‘wished’ button and that would make time fast-forward so you could preorder, pay, and own the figure faster. Those are the ones you buy.
91 day agoReiichiruReiichiru
(sorry your little blog has become something you probably didn't expect OP! But this issue I think has been building for a while)
I kinda agree that it's not the most interesting entry ever -but it's a diary entry; OP's thoughts. And it's better than the spam we got hit with weeks ago xD

There's so few updates lately -esp. positive ones. I too only use MFC for talking about figures (it's actually my only social media these days). So many clubs are dead too.. It's a great database but there's no community.

TL;DR: I think something like this is fine for diary entries. If you want a more formal message you could not read or read a review or news instead
Maybe OP, like me, doesn't have any friends here to post on their profile about this lol

OP: Please update us later if you got Sakura Miku! She's one of my favourite Mikus too *u*
91 day agoDYRLDYRL
Make sure you submit this to GSC twitter contest!
81 day ago (1 day ago)aurybqaurybq
Happy late Birthday! Hope you end up getting what you wanted! It's great getting new figures (especially when you don't have to pay for it :])

I for one don't mind blogs like these. If people don't want to read it then they don't have to. They'll only have spent a few seconds clicking on the blog entry anyway. Besides it's not like we get a lot of blogs to begin with.
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Amorphous (1 day ago) #29592676the ratio of interesting to uninteresting made me chuckle
Probably the ratio of naughty to nice I'd say. You know what that means...

Anyway I hope it's the nendo though. :3
79 hours agoweebweeb lexiechan
news is probably the wrong category for this blog tbh but hey if you see an atsuko nendoroid while youre over there hmu LOL
717 hours agoAutomatedAuroraAutomatedAurora
Any form of smoke will leave a residue of soot or other particles that over time will damage the surface. And plastic is notoriously good at absorbing chemicals including odor causing ones. Most smoked-around figures end up with a permanent smell.
Only way to avoid it is a smoke free environment.
723 hours agoKarumiKarumi Bishie Enthusiast
This may be the first nendo with colored nips (Aoba being the first with nips at all). I'd buy him just for dat torso. OAO
71 day agoDeathbatDeathbat
I hope too you get the Sakura Miku soon as possible, nice and very beautifull.
Update your diary with pics please after <3
61 day agoWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
This picture just made my heart grow three sizes.

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