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  • 26 minutes ago
    Welcome to the board Titanshark250! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
    If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

    Enjoy your stay! ^^
  • 28 minutes ago
    I've got several since I also track my Kickstarters and Patreon pledges, but the general idea is to put all the information you personally need onto the file.

    This is what my local (PH) orders tab looks like, for example:
  • 28 minutes ago
    Thanks for the FR ^_^
  • 30 minutes ago
    Titanshark250 joined MFC
    30 minutes ago
  • 35 minutes ago
    Whos miko?
    emosuccubus (3 hours ago) #27522128me and my girlfriend LOVE miko from no game no life but she does not have a /single/ piece of merch. nothing. zero. not even a tiny badge or strap or clear file or hell even a pen with her face on it. im convinced we're the only ones who know she exists
  • 36 minutes ago
    My spreadsheet. Prices have been blacked out, but essentially I have the exact amount that I have order everything for thus far and then I have an estimated price in different text formatting for things that have not yet been paid for. For those items, I have the JPY amount that I know of (i.e. usually before shipping). The total column just adds the previous total with the next item (now that I think about it, I can just have one cell that generates a SUM(<col>) but oh well. And then there's some stuff to cover for TOM things. The costs on the image sheets are just linked back to the Numbers one so any changes are instantly reflected. I use the UID to link the image links back to the Numbers sheet so that the specific row selection will be selected as you see in the vid.

    The exclamation marks on the image sheets are items I have not yet received (it's not the most up-to-date and there may be some errors and there are definitely missing links). I then highlight items based on if I'm considering selling them, if I am selling them, and if they have been sold (at which point, I alter the "bought" price to reflect the amount the item was sold for).

    The last page is just me trying to plan out spacing a bit as that heavily influences my purchasing decisions now (as I will not be allocating much more space to this hobby).

    I note note that I do not care about release dates, when I get things is when I get them (same with payments). I originally had that information, but I quickly realized that it'd be way too much of a pain to properly keep track with the volume of figures I once was racking in. If I ever need an exact date of purchase, I have receipts and order confirmations in my e-mail. If I am ever wondering when something is going to be released, I'll just check here. But I also don't need to re-allocate my funds every month so for delays (anything not spent just carries over to the next) and so orders stockpiling doesn't matter all that much.
  • 41 minutes ago
    All I ask for is a scale Momoe Nagisa... just one please
  • 45 minutes ago
    Would anyone be interested in picking up my first order from TOM for $80 shipped? ($77.19 total, asking a few bucks more to cover PP fees.) I ordered her right before the 50x promo started - it's ended sadly, and placed a second order; as such, I'd like to get rid of the first!

    I realize she doesn't release for a LONG time, but because of that on my end, I'd ask for payment now, and would change the shipping address immediately. I have feedback on eBay if there are any concerns about reliability, just ask! Could possibly work out half now, half later or something via PayPal invoice.

    If no one steps forward, I'll be cancelling it shortly. (I really had to fight for it! They hate it when you cancel, it even request it, so if I can give her a good home for cheap and keep my account in better standing in the process it's a win-win.)

    Thanks! PM me if you have any questions. Receipt here: jpeghost.net/x-...
  • 55 minutes ago
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