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  • Tsuko-tan submitted a comment on [User #116441] rockman87
    Welcome to the board rockman87! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
    If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

    Enjoy your stay! ^^
    6 minutes ago
  • rockman87 joined MFC
    8 minutes ago
    8 minutes ago
    Definitely want Seven knights figures. Might order Shane, but really dislike that price. I thought I saw someone selling Eileene on here any leads on where to find her?
    10 minutes ago
    I only have unrealistic wishes, because I wish for new figmas.
    It'll be 60+ nendoroid announcements. AGAIN. for the 10th time.

    I guess I want figma pixie and angel painted with a release date and price. I also want more megaten figs, mostly SMT protagonists. I don't want persona. Make it demons at least. esp lilith. the kaneko one from nocturne and onwards.

    Medicchu Seaport and Shuten with a release date.

    passably realistic wishes:
    figma murakumo kai2, ushio, unryuu, tenryuu, tatsuta
    figma shuten douji. figma kindred from lol.

    figma: dorafs. mai kawakami, accelerator. saeko and zest. abyssals.

    also hoping 1000toys will release a cibo and a sanakan.
    21 minutes ago
    Yeah this is most definitely a bootleg version. Just look look at the jewel on her neck, it's nothing like the genuine version.
    23 minutes ago
    Stacycmc (10 hours ago) #30897205LOVE all the candles, although I'd be worried with that many candles in my room at home (2 dogs and a cat)...but very pretty!

    Yeah, animals are a real problem in combination with candles! I have two cats, but they stay away from the candles... I guess its because they are used to them? I always light up candles especially in winter, but also in summer. I really like their cozy light and smell - I use parfume lights with vanilla smell uwu ♥
    29 minutes ago
    figurama (22 hours ago) #30896868You have a very nice set of collection. I wish I could be as organized as you are. :)

    solluxcaptor (6 hours ago) #30897338This looks SO comfy! Lovely and definitely my room goals :D

    redxmaverick (7 hours ago) #30897302Awesome setup! Everything feels well organized like everything has it's special place. It's not overwhelming to look at either. :D

    drowranger (12 hours ago) #30897154Such a pretty room! <3

    Aaah, thankyou so much everyone ;w;! It is so nice to hear that you like my taste ////// I always fear that it would appear too crowded, so it is a relief to hear that! Thanks!
    31 minutes ago
  • Aimaileafy submitted a comment on [User #76209] skyline07
    Thankyou so much for the kind compliment uwu ♥!
    34 minutes ago
    Enricraigal (8 hours ago) #30897265FIGMA:
    + Best quality overall in terms of painting, articulations, pvc material and shape of the bodies.
    + Prettier Boxes, more elegant and with a profesional look.
    - Very few faceplates and some almost have no accesories and the base display it's always the same.
    - Have a hole in the back so when it comes to photography they dont look that great from behind.
    + Effects, faceplates, different displays.
    + They release more characters in the series than the Figma with different editions.
    - Bad painting, broken articulations, manufacturer issues.
    - Bandai

    Seeing that you have the sailor moon figuarts, how do you feel with chibimoons quality? I have saturn so I'd like to get chibimoon too but I'm afraid of the quality since I have read really bad stuff about sailor moon figuarts, like sailor mercury seemingly being the worst with paint scuffs and the neck not really being able to move and stuff
    But I don't feel as if figma have few accessories, most I own have at least 2 extra faceplates and other extra, like different swords, gil even has another upper body or shiro an extra pair of shoes for example
    At least compared to Saturn they seem to be more or less the same with accessories since figuarts seem to come with more faces but not much other extras?
    38 minutes ago