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    I wish I could cancel the other Aniplex one (which they still have delayed lmao) because this one is so much better. Either way still p/o'ing it, it's too beautiful to not I love it so much.
    _MeiKo_1 month ago#102371700hi there! I made this about her anatomy . + there's an official art by Huke of a super cool Bunny BRS! (from BRS : the game)
    Have a good day! ^ ^
    Imagine living in a world where FREEing wouldn't be boring and would actually take on amazing artwork like this, what a pain.
    Huke draws such nice and unique bunnies
    bonus shot:
    Still regret I didn't get her for 440 eur on ebay about a month ago, seems like it's the best price I'll ever see. Past Y!J auctions claim otherwise, but I'm slowly losing hope ._.
    I wonder if price of this entire line shot up because of Flare picking up Suigintou and Kanaria?
  • Pakuccino submitted a comment on [Item #872815] Nekopara - Chocola - Vanilla (Flare)22 hours ago
    Happy and not happy at all..
    Special_Ka22 hours ago#104393013Well Solaris, I hope for their image as a store, that if they don't bring the stock, they'll return the amount INTEGRAL, because otherwise the disputes by Paypal will run.
    Really what a pain in the ass by nendoroid

    thing is, they likely won’t even know if they have stock or not until long after pre-orders everywhere are closed. meaning until then, you’d have to pay the fee to get your money back and if you don’t pay that fee and they cancel on you later, you’ve lost out anyway.
  • ChimcharTrainer submitted a comment on [Article #51901] Animefigure inflatation22 hours ago
    I find it alarming how a lot of people on this site seem to treat figure collecting as if they are speculating on the stock market. Figures are NOT an investment. Do not expect them to retain their value in the long run. They are art pieces, but note that not all art increases in value. Most art doesn't increase in value, especially when it is mass produced (imagine trying to resell art from Ikea for more money). The only reason to buy figures is because you like them, never for money. (Only "sure" way to make money with figures is if you sell them immediately after their release, but that just makes you a scalper.)

    In the case of OP, it IS incredibly stupid to use student loans (or any loan for that matter) to buy figures or anime merch with. Loaning money always costs you more money no matter where you live.
    stitchcollects22 hours ago#104392985for anyone curious, i messaged solaris japan asking if they were sure they had enough stock to cover pre-orders. turns out they’ve added a little text to the nendos pages now that state that orders may be cancelled if the supplier doesn’t give them enough stock and not to order if you aren’t happy with that risk.
    in the email i received from them, they said there’s no way to guarantee your order will be filled. kinda bummed out since you pay upfront and they charge you a fee for cancelling .
    Well Solaris, I hope for their image as a store, that if they don't bring the stock, they'll return the amount FULL, because otherwise the disputes by Paypal will run. By the way, Amazon JP, Yahoo and Rakuten have the same text to save their backs
    Really what a pain in the ass with this nendoroid
    nabbed her from Amiami preowned - was marked C quality, and way cheaper than what a new one would be. so I gambled. got her today: there was a minimalistic flaw on one of her head plates, so I saved around 40 euros basically for free. the flaw is invisible if you don't know where it is. damn. she's a perfect nami!
    if he turns out like any of the latest estream figures after that 3 month delay i am going to end it all
  • RelaxedTime_404 submitted a comment on [User #109246] Julia12522 hours ago
    Yeah I had brought up the animenyc at my work and my coworkers and I were talking about it and how it'll affect our local one. It's crazy cause the con coming up is right down the street from my work. My coworkers want me to come in the one day dressed up to say hi. I'm thinking it'll be my Edelgard cosplay. I'm also planning to do Eula from genshin and possibly Shinobu if I get the time, but if Chris Hackney is there I'm gonna go as byleth from 3h the day he's there.


    Let me just have my fantasies he lives and has an eyepatch and he's the best older brother andhusband he can be. I hate how much i love him now. He's officially dethroned Dimitri as my #1 husband at this rate.

    OH NOOOO amiami give the girl a break! I had to cancel a bunch of stuff and I'm surprised i didn't get banned. But i had told them covid and work were so up in the air they were very understanding surprisingly.
    OH THAT FUCKING ANIPLEX FIGURE. Rengoku fuckers are getting it rough WE HAVE TO WAIT TILL MARCH NOW. WTF. I ordered it on rightstuf and I'm just crying internally. I want to order the new aniplex as well and I'm trying to convince my girlfriend to buy the 1/4th scale without the flames cause she's also obsessed with him. (She has a flag of him in her room she saw him in mugen train, looked at me and went "FUCK.")
    I'm just lucky PA has so many options for weeb culture, at least where I live. Barnes and noble near me have tons of demon slayer stuff all the time. We even have an fye still and I found imported demon slayer snacks and rengoku was the only one almost sold out!
    Yes it's all around my TV! I had to make the megahouse one my centerpiece it's actually my favorite statue of him. He looks so handsome I love looking and seeing him!
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