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    Selling together with kurose as a set.
    Condition is MISB and kept in a storage box since bought as I had no place to display it.
    So looking for a new home for them~

    I bought for USd 260 so not sure how much to set.
    Kindly offer me your best price^_^

    Shipping will be from Malaysia~
  • BlueSKy submitted a comment on [Item #919249] Sword Art Online - Yuuki - 1/7 (Alter)37 minutes ago
    hmm really not a fan of this caracter
  • DarkStarCZ submitted a comment on [Picture #1677793] Saber Shrine 12311642 minutes ago
    Ok there is Nero too. But Holy Moly!
  • Senjougahara1220 submitted a comment on [User #99930] Daboi43 minutes ago
    Your inbox is full just fyi, so it wont let me message you.
  • dulcelimb submitted a comment on [Article #45713] Continue?47 minutes ago
    I mean the articles are supposed to be related to figures???? Unless it’s a diary, but at least loosely based on the main point of this website and other things... but why here?

    I completely understand and agree with you. As soon as I saw this I was just so confused and thought the same things you commented. It’s almost silly the way they said they attempted suicide but put jester from deltarune and a “continue?” screen image in the entry. I’m mean, I’m not one to judge, but come on now.

    I’m actually wondering if this person is a troll. If op isn’t a troll, then you need to cope with something seriously traumatic happening and maybe not post about your attempted suicide on a figure collecting forum, everyone copes in different ways, but this isn’t healthy.

    Venetica1 hour ago#78762118This entire entry is a mockery of those who actually attempt to commit suicide.
    There are teens who are mercelessly bullied, wives who are beaten by their husbands, kids who are abused by their parents (the rates of domestic abuse and child abuse have shot up thanks to Covid-19). People being stalked, brutally raped, starving, homeless, people commit suicide for actual reasons. Not because they can't handle some random asshole on the internet hurting their feelings.
    Taking "a bunch of medication", especially while on the phone with someone who cares about you, would not suddenly end it all. The process would be long and agonizing, and most often fails. Choking on your own vomit, losing control of your bowels, you would suffer for hours and hours. Since it takes so long to die this way, there would be an ample amount of time to get an ambulance called and get you taken to the hospital. Then you would have your stomach pumped and would possibly be forced to eat activated charcoal. The chances of you coming out alive are high - but with damage to your organs and a new home in a psychiatric facility.
    I have a cousin that committed suicide. He had a miserable childhood with parents that didn't love him. So when he decided to do it, he actually fucking did it. Drowned himself if you're curious. Your entry does not evoke pity nor inspiration, only disgust that you would take something so serious and turn it into a first-world-problems joke.
  • Tsuko-tan submitted a comment on [User #173314] errorsdoc50 minutes ago
    Welcome to the board errorsdoc! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
    If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

    Enjoy your stay! ^^
    I LOVE that figure and in fact is what got me into Fate / Stay Night (granted, I have only watched the first seven eps. but plan to finish it eventually and see all the other series). It's great that you got your grail!
  • Tsuko-tan submitted a comment on [User #173313] KittyMeow53 minutes ago
    Welcome to the board KittyMeow! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
    If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

    Enjoy your stay! ^^
    indian_summer221 hour ago#78762012Leaning is pretty rare nowadays. Even prize figures are made with metal rods inside to stabilize them which prevents warping etc. caused by heat. Older figures may lean, but with newer figures few do (and usually ones by newer or lower quality manufacturers). Established makers such as GSC are safe bets. They know what they are doing.

    Oh really, thank you for teaching me that. I didnt know that they could mold plastic around a metal rod.

    Do you think new manufacturer like Shine would be safe aswell? I preorder that item and my biggest fear was leaning. ITEM #886920
  • rogue_g submitted a comment on [Article #45652] Japan Post Update May 28th56 minutes ago
    Criscokid4 hours ago#78731432Update: My pre-order from Hobby Search that was posted 05/31/2020, arrived at dispatch office 06/01/2020 (Tokyo Int'l), was dispatched from Japan this morning (06/06/2020). Has your parcel been dispatched yet?

    Ironically I just had the same update, dispatched this morning. Bought a pair of figures off AmiAmi on 5/30 and they're on their way. Same with the Hobbysearch figure, but uhhh


    Took a month and 5 days to move lmao
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