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    Assuming you're sure it was stolen en route (eg, you didn't accidentally buy just the case), the proxy will have to file a claim with the post office. If you think the original seller didn't include the item at all but you're sure it was supposed to be there, ask the proxy to get in touch with the original seller and find out what happened.

    Don't just do a chargeback; you paid the proxy and they didn't do anything wrong, so charging back would only make them angry, and you need them to help you.
    17 hours ago
    Imuya (15 hours ago) #45374466> Trying to buy items from Japan internationally containing batteries.
    > Surprised when the item is flagged and the piece containing the battery was removed.
    Uhm. For future reference, do not buy things with batteries in them, there is a very high chance of it getting picked up in scanning and things removed because you can't send LI batteries out of the country.
    It's also the same for most countries actually. I know in the UK, you can't send them in the post unless it's a courier that's approved to carry them (as is the case with certain chemicals and paints)

    dude really just greentexted on mfc huh
    14 hours ago
    1. Gilgamesh
    2. Victor Nikiforov
    3. Lelouch vi Britannia
    4. Arthur Pendragon
    5. Sebastian Michaelis
    6. Kogami Shinya
    7. Orihara Izaya
    8. Todoroki Shouto
    9. Tachibana Makoto
    10. Kirito

    Yes I'm trash. I know.
    1 day ago
    I'm only wishing for literally every single male character to have a bunny version
    1 day ago
    Gakupo Kamui! He's only got one figure really, and it's a nendo. I love it, but I think he really deserves a lot more. I think he'd look AMAZING as a scale, esp with that beautiful long hair.
    But of course, figure companies will continue to sleep on him. (While we're on the topic, Kaito has a good amount of figures, but quite a few of them have been canceled...give him justice.)
    1 day ago
    Kosura (2 days ago) #45292416I can actually giggle about you not finding the linked thing. I made a post about similar items some time ago. A very controversial one ... got very heated and I had to take some steps before people started ripping each other's hair out XD
    I'm a monster girl fan so it was not on the topic you might think of.
    As I mentioned in the other reply (mfc didn't allow me to multi quote so I'll slightly repeat myself), I don't poop out 100 dollar bills. Hell, if I would I'd probably be tax'd for it >.>
    You're right on something only being worth what you feel like it is. But there are still 2 "forms" of that. A delusional one and a factional one. Something can be worth millions to you but only having a value of 10 bucks. The other one fluctuates along with varied statistics.
    Whether or not you can pay for something still doesn't mean it's smart to do so.
    Many people lack control and often dig themselves a deep hole that's really hard to get out of by thinking the way you do. I hope you never get into problems created by money.
    Skimming through your comment, a lot of things pointed out are rather ... troublesome and some incorrect/going against your other words.
    For example: "If an item is practically priceless to you, then you should expect others to act the same way". In one way you say item prices depend on the person but with this you say all item prices are practically the same: your price = their price. Which brings up the question: if you say think something's worthless, do other people think it's worthless?
    Of course not, you're just going in against your words. But no worries, I know what you're trying to say. Doesn't really make sense to say that to a person like myself but I'm following.
    If I do ever find it, facts will come into play when it comes to buying it.
    Original sale price, quantity, are there other listings (if so those prices) and so on and so forth, all to eventually come to the conclusion ... will I buy it?
    In the end you will always tinker a bit with it, stretching out your price range but to me no desire is great enough to overcome logical thinking. No matter how dumb I can be sometimes XD

    I feel that you may have misunderstood my intent, as your comment came off as a little hostile, but forgive me if I'm just misreading your tone. I meant no offense in my own post, so I'm sorry if it came off that way. I was simply speaking from my own perspective. I'm interested in different opinions, not echo chambers, and I was simply offering another way of viewing the situation. If you can't agree, that's perfectly fine with me.

    I can see how part of what I said didn't make a lot of sense. When I said, "If an item is practically priceless to you, then you should expect others to act the same way," what I was saying was simply that if an item is worth a lot to you, it's likely that it is also worth a lot to other collectors, and this perceived value of an item is something that drives the price up. If it is worth a lot to you, it may also be worth a lot to the seller, and they will only be willing to part with it for a high price. I meant that you should only EXPECT this to be the case, but feel free to be pleasantly surprised when the value you place on it is much higher than the value sellers place on it. It CAN work in reverse (like items that tank in the aftermarket because they aren't popular), but a seller's ideal is to sell high, so they will always do so if there is someone who will pay it. I think it's more like expect the worst while hoping for the best. I hope that made more sense.

    You said you understood, but also it doesn't make sense to say that sort of thing to a person like yourself. I don't actually know you, so I don't know what makes sense to say to you. I think this is an important thing to understand.

    I would also like to assure you that I have a lot of faith in my budgeting skills, I do not believe in credit cards, and I have an emergency fund that can handle the cost of a very rare grail if I decide to go through with it. In another recent topic I talked about how three of my ultimate grails (all of which had been impossible to find) all became available to me within a two-week period. I agonized over it, and ultimately decided it was worth the loan from my emergency fund, which I promptly paid back. This is not a frequent occurrence by any means, but I have arranged my money in a way that I can shoulder the cost if a "grail emergency" pops up. I know the difference between a good purchase, a purchase I can afford, and a really bad decision. Please don't feel the need to worry about my life choices.

    In the end, I really believe we have a different view on money, and there's nothing wrong with that. I was simply explaining the situation from my own perspective, and I'm not trying to force my views, so I apologize if anything I said gave that impression.
    1 day ago
    More male bunny figures that are also 1/4 scale~~ ;_;
    1 day ago
    Imuya (12 hours ago) #45386872Whatever that even means.
    I've always been of the assumption that batteries are a no go, See: portable battery packs being confiscated.
    When I have tried to send items with batteries before, the postal service here has thrown a shitfit and told me they have to be removed. So if y'all want to be asshats and downvote my comment that's based on an actual experience with the post office then carry on. Not the first time this site has shit on legitimate advice because no one likes being told to read the manual.
    Some people at the post office and customs, also don't know what they're actually doing with restricted items and will umbrella all batteries regardless of what their containment is.

    Literally all I said was "dude just greentexted on mfc huh," idk not that hard to understand

    Where in that statement did you assume I wanted you to elaborate?? (I didn't, btw)

    Also people didn't downvote you because of that. They downvoted you because, spoiler alert, you kiiinda sounded like an asshole.
    12 hours ago
    Oh how I feel you on the waiting part. Collecting Professor Layton has been an amazing journey, and still is, but boy is it a long waiting game. It took me 5 years to find a CD, and almost 6 years to find a cushion, despite it being a prize item from game centers.
    I know it feels dark and hopeless, and your motivation might be lower at times. But never stop trying, it will appear one day, you can do it. <3
    1 day ago
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