Selling mine for $250 CAD (~180$ USD). Please PM for details
WisprinResale1 year ago#116999214I am selling this figure! Figure is loose without any original packaging, but is in great condition without any outstanding wear/damage. If you’re interested in this item or anything from my collection, please send me a message and I’ll get back to you with prices as soon as I can! Free shipping for all orders within the US, international shipping calculated. So long as the text isn't crossed out, the item is still for sale.
I have thousands of other items for sale! Please check out my collection to see what else I have in stock. This is my selling account, so every single item in my collection is for sale.

you still selling her?
i need this figure so bad
Twitter saving the day:

Specifically: twitter.com/Hou...

Honestly, happy with how that turned out, I'm in.
They sure did. Gut punched me with that delivery fee and had to swap from EMS to Surface Premium to soften the blow. Either way I'll see her in 2-3 months.
I was not expecting them to be as big as they are.
Easily comparable to a 1/6 in scale imo.

Body is more of a true beige than the slight yellow hue in the promo pics and hair is on the greyer side. Still very pastel overall though.
Would anybody be interested in a boxless one with some paint scratch on the bottom back of her hair (I will provide pictures upon request) for 150 dollars + shipping? Preferably EU as I am not sure how expensive overseas shipping is.
For picture needs discord would be simplest for me.
lets go!!!!!