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KagamineNanami submitted a comment on [Club #2283] Jirai Kei / Ryousangata ♡1 hour ago
Hi can I join?
noctisity submitted a comment on [Club #618] Group Orders!6 hours ago
catboyismo23 hours ago#130573222Hello!!! I've read the rules and i would like to join if thats possible :) Welcome, an invite has been sent! Feel free to reach out to any of the club admins or use the club chat thread if you have any questions!
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p3p3ron submitted a comment on [Club #2806] Unlicensed Figures8 hours ago
Interested in joining!
mirberry submitted a comment on [Club #576] Let's Split Nendoroids!8 hours ago
I have read and agreed to the rules!
Taralen submitted a comment on [Club #2698] Divorced9 hours ago
Adding Spamton in made me laugh my @$$ off.
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pirate12 hours ago#130574060hey :3 i hope people are still active in here! i cant figure out even the basics of customizing my profile, which is making me a bit sad since prof customization is super important to me hehehe :3 so i have a few questions:
- how do you change the opacity of the main page boxes?
- can you incorporate css/html into your own page? if yes, how would i do that?
- how do you make custom lists? (i feel a bit silly for not knowing this one, but it's very hard for me to find any info on how to do any of this anywhere)
i might think of other questions l8r, but for now that is the most i have :'3 thank yew

box opacity: i dont think is possible. opacity is only available for backgrounds.

css/html: all of mfc only support bbcode/markdown. anything involving html/css coding will not be recognized

lists: lists are made here list/submit/ — in any of the boxes with list labels, just click the eyedropper and select one. lists must not be private if you want to put them on your profile.
shiosetsu submitted a comment on [Club #2817] <3 Self Ship Club <311 hours ago
thank you for inviting me!!! ♡