My most anticipated one right now is this one ITEM #1823412 (for obvious reasons).

As for next year, it's probably this one ITEM #1910941.

In terms of figures probably the Makima ITEM #1974761 and Power ITEM #2057675 BiCute bunnies.
YA NABBED GYOZA MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, congratz! And sorry for your wallet xd
I'd love a DRHDR kit but don't think would be willing to pay what the aftermarket would ask for, aha.
kupchr submitted a comment on [Article #61333] My First GK: Progress and First Coats!23 minutes ago
Very nice! I saw that kit and was interested but I passed since he doesn't fit my collection. Hope he turns out good for you since the clothing looks nice so far!
Wow! So many kits! I've been seeing a lot of recasts on mercari and yahoo auctions which makes me so sad since I think I've found a rare kit. I want to look at more kits to buy but then I realize I have so many unpainted ones haha
Kotobukiya16 hours ago#130581917Yes, the tear stickers do indeed need to be manually applied, so you can have the choice of displaying him unmasked either crying or not crying!Maybe a silly question, but are the stickers permanent after being applied or are they the kind of sticker that don't adhere permanently and can be adjusted after application? I think I like him best with them applied anyways, but I'm just curious.
Fan service and no interest in any of the characters or plot.
Looking forward to all my POs but my most anticipated are:

ITEM #919634 Ordered him locally so hopefully this month

ITEM #729706 I love this figure but had given up due to the after market so happy he got a rerelease

ITEM #729706 She was my first 5 star in Genshin

ITEM #872642 Missed her the first time then missed out on her when she was preowned on AmiAmi for 13k JPY, so happy to finally be able to have her
Claudine submitted a comment on [Article #61335] What causes you to Drop an anime?1 hour ago
The only show I can genuinely say I dropped is fire force. I was already pretty feed up with the overwhelming fan service but my breaking point was the one serious fight where all of Tamakis clothes got burnt off. I just dead panned and turned it off. Also Fairy tail but it just got so slow and predictable.
Kylskada submitted a comment on [Article #61335] What causes you to Drop an anime?1 hour ago
I don't think I've ever dropped a show before, I've stuck them on a semi-abandoned tab waiting to be played for months on end before coming back to them but there is always an assumption I'll finish the damn thing at some point.

The record for this was the first series of Nisekoi which I started as the first episodes were releasing, I wasn't enjoying so left it on episode 3 in a tab for so long that by the time I came back, series 2 had already finished airing. Ironically when I watched it in its entirety It became one of my favourite series lol.