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    No one seems to really mind (it's probably because my collections pretty small) but my grandma insists I be careful with them and even told me to keep them in their boxes so I can resell them later lolol
  • SceneMuffin submitted a comment on [Article #49441] Functional Anime Figures38 minutes ago
    I use my Galo Thymos Nendoroid to hold a pair of rings I have! So I never lose them haha
    USA user - As far as EMS has gone for my past AA order, it was still more expensive than DHL (which I've def come to prefer service-wise and I like the driver that works my area's delivery). I honestly don't think I'd want to go back to EMS unless there was a big difference in savings, personally.
    perogysupreme1 hour ago#97987212Billy shelves are also adjustable (I have two). I've heard that it's very easy to drill more holes into them, although I haven't tried this myself.Thanks! Good to know both the types of cabinets I like have adjustable shelves. I’m definitely going to go to ikea and check some out.
    RPG_FAN1281 hour ago#97987200Thankfully 1:4 PVC figures aren't that heavy. (Although if the pose is standing upright they could definitely fall over with pet interference)
    I have a summer project to build (or buy the materials and have someone else build) a sturdy shelf for some heavy statues. :)
    unfortunately the ones I am interested in are standing upright and cats are unpredictable so I’d like a cabinet to keep them safe. I wish I had the skills to make my own shelf, good luck !
    My father doesn't really care, he just doesn't understand the concept of pre-orders and when I would wait over a year for certain figures. My mom on the other hand is annoyed with the hobby and asked me if I collected they to make up for the friends I don't have...
    More-so than that it's a bit awkward when my grandparents visit and see all of my posters of anime idols and fate characters. My grandmother always comments about me needing to be more girly and mature.
  • kramabrab submitted a comment on [Article #49440] Best LED lights for display?1 hour ago
    Commenting for personal reminder as the first (and they say world's largest) IKEA is about to open here in Philippines.
    SebastianLover3 hours ago#97987035You know what? This makes perfect sense! I think prices initially go above MSRP because secondhand sellers want to recoup shipping/customs, and with people being forced into expensive DHL/Fedex this just makes those initial price hikes steeper and the aftermarket just goes up faster than usual. And with the EMS hikes, it's not going to be any better for a while. Maybe when SAL comes back online the aftermarket will calm down.

    You hit the nail on the head, for the most part. You can see the trend especially prominently when you look at say an AmiAmi limited/Exclusive statue listed at a place like Rightstuf for pre-order at price + projected shipping cost + about 30ish dollars of potental profit.

    This is a common trend with what I like to call "professional resellers." And it basically sets the initial aftermarket price.

    Standard Releases are a bit more complicated than that, but it's similar.

    Many of these sites also deal in pre-owned figures/statues. Part of the more complicated but similar thing I was talking about.
    So far I have two packages on their way to me via EMS. The first is from AmiAmi. They shipped it out on June 9th, and just today on the 17th it was scanned in the US. I think I can probably expect it to arrive in two to three days, we'll see.

    The second is from Solaris, their package shipped on the 11th, has not yet been scanned in the US.
    honeymelon1 hour ago#97987208Ordered something from manda, it shipped Thursday morning America time, got here on Tuesday. So 5 days. No complaints from me!

    That's awesome! Glad to hear it!
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