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  • nima submitted a comment on [Article #47592] What Non-Japanese Series do you Collect?24 minutes ago
    I have a small collection of Steiff toys! The more valuable stay in their boxes though because I currently don’t have anywhere I can display them without them getting dusty. Aside from those I’ve also started to collect hardback fantasy novels (signed editions when possible), might not sound like much but hardbacks of older releases can be damn expensive!

    I’m also probably going to start collecting merchandise for Raya and the Last Dragon when it comes out. I’ve been following its development for over two years and I’m really looking forward to it!
  • kin submitted a comment on [Article #47590] What do you do with plushie tags?26 minutes ago
    Cutting the tags off feels like it's incomplete... I can't even take them out of the bag because I want to keep them in perf condition that's how bad I have it lol
    the nightmare before Christmas has been a huge obsession of mine and i finally bit the bullet and ordered a couple of figures yesterday! no joke, i spent the christmas break rewatching that movie whenever i got the chance haha. i'm only really interested in lock, shock, and barrel merchandise since i have some stuff of them already and they're my favourites, but i'm eyeing some sally figures too!
    Hard to group it into sth specific, but
    I collects random, cute mugs, metal boxes/tins;
    stationary stuffs such as notebooks,
    pencil cases and pouches and random fantasy books.
    Occasionally I get figure or gadget from LoL, Frozen.
    Solarstormflare9 hours ago#90529294[...] but again i still don't think people offering advice like that comes from any other mindset than trying to help. I see a lot of articles about figure regret and having too many figures and not enough space, which is what i think those sorts of comments, which don't seem too common to me anyway, would be trying to prevent.
    I agree with this. I think a lot of the "wait and think before ordering" is geared towards pre-orders, because there's often around a month before pre-orders close (going by GSC dates I've seen on MFC, longer if it's on other shops but those generally don't state when pre-orders close). When you find a new figure which is up for pre-order, it's easy to order it since most of the time you don't need to pay upfront. However, for a lot of people it's also just the hype of having just discovered the figure. Some people sell off figures right after they get them, because they're disappointed by the quality, or it doesn't fit in their collection (display), or try to get other people to take their pre-order in the first place. In those cases, it might have been better to wait before placing that order, since it would have saved you a lot of hassle afterwards.

    If you like to browse shops for secondhand figures, I'd say the same thought applies, since you may be attracted to a figure at first, but disappointed after you receive it. However, if you're specifically searching for a figure that you've been wanting for a while, and you find one for a price you're comfortable paying, I don't think there's any need to think it over before placing that order.
    Well..I think it's not a bad mentality as long as you control it. Like,I did that but I also usually set up a budget I can use every month strictly for anime merch and while pre-ordering or deciding to pre-order,I check what other items I have aleardy pre ordered for that respective month to see if I can add a little bit of something or not.
    KuroiKenshi902 hours ago#90529769I have my most expensive figures displayed inside their boxes without the blister (Like a display case to avoid dust) As for my other figures i have the boxes inside two big plastic bins and at the bottom of a shelf that I have behind my door. So yeah.... I have a lot of boxes hehe.
    That is a good idea with displaying them in the box without the blister.
    I keep tags on. I feel like it completes it. Plus they usually have cute artwork on them. If I took them off and stored them somewhere I wouldn't see them.
    victorviper13 hours ago#90528412I couldn't remember if you'd done a full review of ITEM #157 previously, but you had, so I had to review it to make sure I didn't make exactly the same comments :), and this article reminded me that I never got around to collecting all the Shuraki figures. I was very impressed with Mishiro ITEM #156, but then I was one of the many people for whom the pegs on Rizfis ITEM #158 abruptly broke. One day, I got home, glanced at my shelf, and there she was, face down on the shelf...
    I like the Hideyoshi prize figure, as the way he is covering up his chest is really quite funny. That figure definitely shows its age, though with the very conspicuous mold lines and that gigantic arm band.

    Haha that reminds me of the time where I fully forgot I reviewed a figure and reviewed it a second time. :D So you never ended up getting the two you mentioned there, hrm. They were definitely impressive, especially back then, but there are so many other good figures nowadays it seems like a lot of people would not really be interested anymore in hunting them or trying to complete the set. Although I do like the idea of the full set, I think the art style of them are too different to make them seem like they are supposed to be together, especially Nida is sticking out so much with her more mature look than the others. Did you ever fix your Rizfis?

    Yeah I didn't realize how...aged...Hideyoshi looked until I went up-close for these pictures (normally he would blend together with a bunch of other prize figures in my shelf). I'm scratching my head trying to remember when/where/how I got him, but I think it was an impulse convention purchase shortly after his release.

    Really makes me wish Hideyoshi would get a resurgence in popularity to get him more figures of nowadays standards! Although there does still exist a ton of merchandise from him to look for and buy, I was very surprised to recently manage to find ITEM #37159 ! My first choice would have been the white version rather than the grey version, but beggars can't be choosers. ;)
    I usually PO my figures for peace of mind and I dun need to source the aftermarket to find it. So, for figures which I really want, it will be PO 1st and looking forward to the release. There is no thinking mechanism involved haha

    However, you mentioned that you are relatively new to the figure buying and collecting scene. I will suggest thinking a bit, at least till the last day of PO before you decide to smash the PO button, reason being all figures look awesome in the eyes of new collector. In addition, you may think that you want tat figure now. But when money and space become a premium, some figure just "become" unattractive to you and the culling begins. At least, this is the case for me.
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