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    Nice loot! I had not considered t cell x white blood cell before but that doujin looks great!
    11 minutes ago
    I have a few Halloween and Christmas themed figures and I like to expose them during the holidays, for a month, and then store them away till the next year.

    They're part of the decorations for me, like the christmas tree, the punkins etc.
    25 minutes ago
    FandomTrash (2 hours ago) #41856888
    The keychains are actually pretty expensive if you get all of them so I don't blame you >_> ...but I also have two of the Tata cushions (the large and medium ones) and the Tata plush...and the Tata sleeping mask... I'm sure you can guess my bias :) lol

    I'm actually looking forward to the LA popup shop closing at the end of the month so I'm not tempted to keep going back and buying more >_> haha

    Luckily I'm not a big fan of holiday-themed goods regardless of series so I'm safe from the Halloween merch! XD Although I do think they're super cute <3 I didn't get to go see them in concert even though I'm in LA! I was tempted but I don't really have any friends to go with and I'm too old/shy to go alone ;w;'''' Have you gotten to see them?
    35 minutes ago
    While I think Christmas themed figures are a beautiful thing I don't want to own any of them anymore. The ones I have I want to sell. I find them nice to look at on Christmas but it feels weird for me in others seasons.
    I love Halloween figures though.
    I have
    ITEM #361549
    ITEM #317824
    ITEM #198633
    and a few others. I can look at them the whole year without feeling the urge to sell them xD
    40 minutes ago
    I am neutral towards them. Some are really gorgeous, but it can seem a little moot to expose Halloween or Christmas-themed figures in April or July, I guess...

    That said, since those holidays are both in the last half of the year, we could use some figures with themes like St-Patrick or other holidays from the first half of the year.
    42 minutes ago
    songokou (2 hours ago) #41856259Uniqlo seem to have American sizings. The other thing I believe I've noted with Japanese (if not all) shirts is there may be slight differences in the sizes of different ones even if they're labelled the same size.

    Uniqlo's sizing differs depending on the region in which they are selling their stuff. So if you are in America, you will get american sizing, but Japan will be different f. ex..
    53 minutes ago
    aww, i love your collection!! really enjoy the themes. i’m doing something similar but with colours instead (works out since i decreased my collection and i’m starting to get not as interested in current/new anime haha).

    ALSO ARMY hi:)
    i love the keychains but can’t justify getting them since i have a bunch of their large cushions and a koya plush keychain:(
    why do they keep coming out w new merch (my wallet is c r y i n g THEIR HALLOWEEN MERCH IS SO CUTE AND FNWOFJ THE PJS???)

    sorry for the rant haha <3 (did u see them in concert??? HFWOJF THEY ARE SOSOSO TALENTED)
    2 hours ago
    I guess I need to pay attention to their sizes charts now since the measurement have changed. Comparing the last Cospa shirt I bought in 2016 to the one I got yesterday. Longer in length & sleeve & not mentions but much wider in shoulder width.

    2016 Cospa Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Goddess of Water Aqua T-shirt Night Blue
    - S Size: Length 65cm, width 48cm, sleeve length 20cm
    - M size: Length 67cm, width 50cm, sleeve length 20cm
    - L Size: Length 70cm, width 53cm, sleeve length 21cm
    - XL Size: Length 74cm, Width 58cm, sleeve length 22cm

    2018 Cospa Umamusume Pretty Derby Special Week T-shirt /LIGHT GRAY
    - S size: Length 65 cm, Width 49 cm, Sleeve length 19 cm
    - M size: Length 69 cm, Width 52 cm, Sleeve length 20 cm
    - L size: Length 73 cm, Width 55 cm, Sleeve length 22 cm
    - XL Size: Length 77 cm, Width 58 cm, Sleeve length 24 cm
    2 hours ago
    I think I like Halloween themed figures the most.

    I have these in my collection:
    ITEM #317824
    ITEM #396960
    ITEM #464511
    2 hours ago
    Ahhh Chika's base is so cute.
    And I'm always so weak for getting to know peoples favorite Pokémon, Bellsprout sure is adorable!
    2 hours ago
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