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  • goldfries submitted a comment on [Article #45694] Shigure By The Pool10 minutes ago
    D_A_R12 minutes ago#78597715Looks great! I think it's very interesting to see all the steps it took to make this photo happen. You did an amazing job recreating the setting.

    Thank you. :D Even documenting and writing the process is another set of effort but really happy to see people like you appreciating it!
  • AcePlatinum submitted a comment on [Article #45689] All Might Nendoroid Review12 minutes ago
    SkaylerOtakuCat6 hours ago#78597157Even in his chibi form, he still looks way to manly XD
    Nice review bdw

    Thanks for the compliment! =^^=

    Isn't that the best kind of manliness? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • D_A_R submitted a comment on [Article #45694] Shigure By The Pool12 minutes ago
    Looks great! I think it's very interesting to see all the steps it took to make this photo happen. You did an amazing job recreating the setting.
    My friends are totally cool with my figures, it probably helps that my collection is fairly small and no lewds. (I personally don't have a problem, but a lot of others tend to judge) My mom is cool too, but my granny...oh dear. Sometimes I'd have to lie about how much I spent on a figure or else she'd give me hell. One time after I bought a figure she'd say "Oh I guess that's another one" in a spiteful tone. Not to get too personal, but she collects similar things and I've never judged or made rude comments about it.

    On a side note, I'm salty at myself for throwing away 95% of my boxes, that was a huge mistake I made when I started collecting. But I guess I learned my lesson.
    Hmm I recall my friends decided to check out the bedroom and saw my lewder figs..

    But they were kinda like grossed out. They didn't say much but it was enough ^^;
    They checked em out and were like omg this one is super lewd, are you into that?
    However to me they're pieces of nude art. Not pieces I well get my drift on if you get me. Which they implied. I dunno I felt super awkward ><

    Aside from that well comments like whoa so many and my bf is cool with it but only says things like do keep the suggestive ones upstairs. Which is fine.

    Or my mom saying some figs rlly implied sexual things whereas I never saw it like that. Kinda hurt somehow.
    Or whereas I thought a panty flash is ok if not a suggestive pose, I had comments about it being suggesting too.

    Made me think tho and realise in some cases they were right.
    I had bad memories about "Practical Merchs". I am not sure how good or bad those merchs are nowadays, but what I remember are those rubbers based on SD Gundum, light saber chopsticks made with transparent and neon color materials that I won't put in my mouth, keyboard and mouse has anime and game image printed on which are mediocre at best...
    I joined MFC when I was 12, for some reason some people were annoyed about figure collecting at my age...? I even remember a post that called me out on it, but without saying my name. At the time I was the only 14 year old with a big enough collection to match the description. I'm not the type to get annoyed, instead I was confused. I save my money and worked for these things just like everyone else, instead of spending it on anything else I bought figures. A collection is something that can be built up over a long time, I'm pretty sure most people didn't buy 50 figures at once. It's time and love and hard work over a course of a long time. People should just enjoy they hobby and thats the most important part, not your age or how long you have been collecting or how many figures/toys/models you have, I think it's great that people can find something they are passionate about. Even within the same hobby people can have such different interests and opinions within it and thats what makes it interesting.
    My mom and boyfriend are actually really supportive of my hobby. My mom actually really likes my figures. She occasionally helps me buying them (as a gift) and we even have one of them displayed in the living room.

    I just have this one friend that probably thinks that I'm insane. We were out drinking once and she was complaining to me that if I have the money to buy figures I might as well drink more expensive drinks. She always has this idea that we should each pay for a round of drinks but she is the kind of person to order the most expensive drinks while everyone else is just having a regular beer. I also just can't drink that much so I would rather just pay for myself. It's really just none of her business what I do with my money. Wasting money on alcohol isn't any better than wasting it on a hobby geez.
    dtindcarea12 hours ago#78596871Great article! It seems like my rule of thumb to examine the hair closely to spot a bootleg holds for this bootleg. Not only is the coloring off, but you can see the sculpt is off/different. And, that seam is terrible. Of course, that sneering face is a killer as well.

    Yeah, the hair of most bootlegs is often the easiest way to tell, though can be hard if you don't have decent photos when buying online. In person though, the blobbiness can rarely be hidden.
  • goldfries submitted a comment on [Article #45694] Shigure By The Pool3 hours ago
    dead-wolfwood3 hours ago#78597208Everything looks amazing, you did a great job!! Love the idea for the water, it's genius.

    Thank you.

    Actual water used instead of plastic sheet or resin or whatever else because water looks most natural for the reflection, it even got into contact to her feet. :D
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