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    "For me the one purchase that I made that I do not regret was Belldandy from Ah my goddess."

    Your statement above, is what I always consider before purchasing any figure, will I regret it.
    Before buying a figure, you need to ask yourself, what exactly is the strong appeal of the figure to you, which will never fade. Then proceed with the purchase, only then you will not get into the situation you are in now. The bitterness and hassle of selling figures for cheap price, is not worth it.
    What to do with those figure that you already have now, that have no appeal to you?
    Sell them away to the highest bidder.

    I collect quality Scale figures ONLY, which have a high artistic appeal. I have thought about buying others collectibles, only to find myself disinterested later in few weeks and satisfied by just looking at pictures of them on the Internet.
    17 seconds ago
    ChocolateSpider (9 hours ago) #36035965Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I've taken note and tried some of your ideas to make some slight tweaks to #2. I'll have Blake's review up soon. :D

    I went with #3 from a purely artistic standpoint. If you want to simply display what the figure is supposed to look like the crowd has spoken.
    1 hour ago
    I think I'm gonna be the odd one here, as I don't really watch much anime or read many manga, so don't have much of a deep connection to any of my figures that way. However, I do love the general art style and aesthetics and now find myself mostly collecting "interesting" ecchi/hentai figures as a result. So far, I haven't really regretted any of these buys - but I've not been collecting for long, so who knows what my opinion will be in a few years time...

    Before collecting the original figures, I bought quite a few bootlegs - on purpose, not by accident, because at the time I could not justify the price and most bootlegs looked "good enough". I don't do that anymore and I do regret quite a few of those purchases. Even though many bootlegs look quite good from a distance, they do not not hold up well at all after taking a closer look and comparing them with an authentic figure.
    1 hour ago
    So far, none of the ones I currently own. Most are high quality scales of favorite characters and the few plainer ones do a good job of decorating my bottom shelves. Some of the pre-ordered figures could end up that way for me though if they are not as nice as I thought they would be, especially the Mikus. I don't have a strong attachment to Miku outside of appearance and occasional media, so if the figure is not great, I could end up wanting to sell.
    1 hour ago
    Until now, all the figures I sold wasn't a "Why I bought this" situation. It was more, they need a btter home because I can't display them as they need to. I need more place but I don't have the money right now.
    But it was some weeks ago, I started to look at my K-on 5th anniversary (like this one ITEM #265073) and asked myself why I bought them ... I still like ITEM #265076 & ITEM #265077 but not the other three ... It's a bit sad since I love all of them in the anime but I think I'm started to pair them with bad memories ...

    On the contrary, I bought this figure ITEM #144452 and wasn't really happy when I've got it. But after moving, I display her and started to like her more and more. And now I'm really happy I bought her ~
    2 hours ago
    CelestrialI also really like the black triangle marking running along the side of the blade, really nice stylish element.
    I believe that this is what is called hamon, the outline of the hardened zone of the blade.
    Anyway very nice review, I really like this figure series so far, much better than the older one.
    2 hours ago
    minami_desu (3 hours ago) #36050262Every WonFes I hope to see her proto :( I do believe GSC didn’t forget her!

    I agree, She is the last one to be released so i feel like GSC are in way to deep to pull the plug now. I am not sure why they are delaying her production but the longer we have to wait the more i grow more anxious. Here is hoping we see something soon =.=
    3 hours ago
    Stacycmc (5 hours ago) #36041968Another nice review with good shots!! :D Thanks for sharing!
    Thank you so much Stacymc!! i appreciate your support .3.

    whobdaplaya (5 hours ago) #36042836Wow! Thanks for the wonderfully comprehensive writeup and photos! :)
    Hey Whobdaplaya! And a big thanks to you for reading it all!
    3 hours ago
    atentothepast (5 hours ago) #36043798The question remains; will Kyouko ever be at her side? :(
    Every WonFes I hope to see her proto :( I do believe GSC didn’t forget her!
    3 hours ago
    UnhappyThief (2 days ago) #35914947Mexican miniatures ? Sounds exciting , got any pictures ?
    Also, congrats on getting that re ment set, is surely one of the better ones.
    Ughhh the idea of building a dollhouse from scratch has always sounded charming to me! Hopefully I can do that too one day! (I’m quite horrible with diying though)

    Sorry for the big delay! busy busy life, but I did take some pictures since that day, heh.

    Some eggs, bread, plates, and jugs/vases.
    These are the more realistic-lookin' ones imo, but there doesn't seem to be a scale to them. Ahh, and I just realized I included nothing for size reference. The metal plates are probably a little bigger than a thumbnail, if that helps.
    I'm particularly fond of the blue vases because I like that design style! The paint job seems tiny and intricate too; a little less so on the other plates.
    The round things on the left are eggs, lol. Like i said, no scale. ;w;

    Bonus "detail" shot without the bread!

    This is the other stuff I have. The mugs are more rough, not sure why (the small ones make more sense since this is all handmade).
    Some more food; a sope, fruit, more bread. But I thought it looked a little less "real". Kept the metal plates there just to put stuff on. I like the look of the tortillas in the picture, but in actuality they're too puffy to look like the real thing.
    Looking at them though, the baskets look fine. Just sticking out a little bit where the straw ends, maybe, but that can always be cut off.

    And a bonus final picture! Because this is, of course, sitting near my miniature things. You can probably find these small shells at about any touristy beach spot, and I only thought of this while digging through my stuff but their scale is probably good for small figures or dolls (maybe not the clam shells; mostly the smaller snail shells).
    3 hours ago
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