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    I know it doesn't answer your question, but it's easy to avoid getting scammed if you use webshops. oh and never buy anything opened.
    StaticBreed5 hours ago#78197328Well this sucks, I can't use AmiAmi, geez I hope Solaris Japan get it..

    Solaris Japan has her and it seems nippon yassan might get her to.
    She's so adorable, god I wish I had the space ;u;
    Hope they start shipping out soon :c
    solluxcaptor23 minutes ago#78218917This was a really fun blog! The savoury stuff always looks best to me. I have a weakness for that kind of thing, and I REALLY like the sound of that cookie you warmed up! Warm + soft is my ideal cookie.

    Yeah I mostly also go for savory over sweet, but this time I was really interested to try out that Yaokin Pack!

    And ooh! Well then, when the world opens again, you should really try them! As long as you don't mind a heavy buttery taste. ;)
    Just ordered mine through Zenmarket. I was given a 5,000 yen credit for having ordered three packages. I didn't even know they did that. :D
    This was a really fun blog! The savoury stuff always looks best to me. I have a weakness for that kind of thing, and I REALLY like the sound of that cookie you warmed up! Warm + soft is my ideal cookie.
    Before I had proper display shelves, I was constantly moving my collection around. But now i've got a proper display cabinet there is only really one place for my figures to go. But although I'm not changing what shelves my figures are displayed on anymore I'm still constantly tweaking those displays to make them look as nice as possible.

    I've actually pretty recently put a fair few figures back in their boxes due to a lack of space because of new figures coming in, however this will only be until I eventually get a hold of the third set of shelves I plan to get for my collection.

    Once that arrives, there will be another huge rearrangement. I plan to also eventually buy a detolf for some figures that look best displayed alone, like this one: ITEM #451268

    So overall large rearrangments for me probably happen about once every six months, but I'm constantly making little adjustments.
    BlazeDazzleDusk3 hours ago#78197926Great review! The Pizza potato crisps, apple candy, and konpeito all look awesome. That's a real shame about the Taiyaki though because it looks so cute. XD

    Thanks for liking the blog! :)

    I had suppressed the memories of that Taiyaki until I started writing for this blog. Now whenever I look at my tube of toothpaste I remember. I wonder how long it will take me before I forget again...

    tharglet2 hours ago#78198092One way of finding out ingredients is stuff the barcode number into Google and find somewhere selling it. Might need to machine translate if there isn't an English language site selling the item.
    Failing finding it, Google Translate's photo mode should get most things. Can also copy the Japanese from it, though it can get confused between certain similar characters, so someone translating may have to account for that if you're not sending a photo of the packet.
    Machine translation should be fine for curious people - wouldn't recommend it if someone's looking for an allergen in case there's a translation mistake.

    That's a good tip about the barcode, thanks! I don't know if I will ever add the translations by Google or another machine, because I indeed had people asking me about it before because they had certain allergies or were vegan/vegetarian or on some other kind of restricted diet. I don't want to be handing out misinformation about this.

    You know, it's been a while since someone asked me about it, maybe I should just remove that text. ^^''

    kcf11171 hour ago#78198479I always like to try out Japanese snacks. I used to have a drawer filled with Japanese snacks when I was working in Hong Kong. They are pretty good in general because they are picked to import to Hong Kong.
    The things that I don't like about Japanese snacks are that their portions are small, and they use many plastic packagings which are not very environmental-friendly in my opinion.

    I have mixed feelings about the smaller portions. They are nice as an one-person snack that is not too big, but on the other hand, I like sharing snacks and sometimes just want something filling and then opening up 2 packages feels like too much.

    I do sometimes feel bad about the packaging and general material used with the DIY kits as it's all single use. I have no clue what the state of Japan is when it comes to environmental-friendliness (if they do research or work with better plastics etc.).
  • GoldenRose submitted a comment on [User #130257] LMLM76536 minutes ago
    I love your photography, such a cute collection! <3
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