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Sakura AkariSakura Akari

Sakura Akari
Sakura Akari
Original name
桜 あかり



Jewelpet Tinkle☆ - Sakura Akari - Ruby - Dakimakura Cover (Movic)



Akari Sakura is the main heroine of Jewelpet Twinkle and both Ruby and Labra's human partner. She is born in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture. 11 years old (12 after episode 17), she is an aspiring manga artist and a student of the Winston Academy as well as the younger sister of Monica Sakura, a famous teen personality and the student council president in middle school. She's bright, gentle, shy, often embarrassed, and lives with her parents. Her dad is a shipbuilding architect while her mom is the chief editor at a magazine. Because of her older sister's popularity, Akari developed an inferiority complex and jealousy to her sister. She first met Ruby on the beach when waiting for the bus. At first, Akari thought Ruby couldn't understand her, but as they got to know each other, Ruby begins to understand how hard Akari's life is and how sad and miserable she can be. Akari later realizes that the feelings of her heart matches Ruby's after a Jewel Charm appears on her hand. She then enters the Magic Academy and becomes a student there, with Ruby as her partner. Akari has goals to win the championship with Ruby in the Jewel Star Grand Prix and to earn the title of being a Jewel Star, though she has a lot of competition for that. Her wishes in the Rarerare (human) world are to be with Yuma and to be a famous manga artist. She is also Yuma's girlfriend.

Thought Akari's magical skills are not as good as the others, she can use the Jewel Charm to cast magic along with Ruby and Labra, sometimes changing her clothes to her pink magical costume to amplify her magic. Unlike the other academy students in the Jewel Land, Akari's powers can go to its full potential when she has something or someone she must protect. During the Grand Prix Arc, the Battest possessed her body, changing the color of her outfit to black and gaining and black wings. But later reverted to her original appearance after they sealed the Battest and revived Fealina from her lifeless sleep. She is now the current holder of the title "Jewel Star".
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