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Fujiki KoutaFujiki Kouta

Fujiki Kouta
Fujiki Kouta
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Was invited to the Far Eastern branch, Anagura, on the same day as The Protagonist. Always displays a bright mood, but does not do well in his studies as he is always falling asleep. He often returns to the residential area to present gifts to his Mother and sister Nozomi, who live nearby in the Outer Ghetto. He uses the old Assault model of the God Eater.

When Director Schicksal goes public with his plan to reset the world, Kota initially didn't fight the decision, in order to give his family a chance at safety away from the Aragami. However, after careful contemplation, and realizing what consequences would unfold, he joined the rest of the God Eaters in opposing Schicksal's plan.

He plays a comparatively minor role in the game to the rest of the major characters, but is important to the story nonetheless
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