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Berserk - Guts - Gurunberd - Armoured Berserk & Fire Dragon (Art of War)Berserk - Gurunberd - Houma (Art of War)Berserk - Gurunberd - 1/15 - Exclusive I Exclusive II (Art of War)Berserk - Gurunberd - Fire Dragon Head Statue (Art of War)Berserk - Gurunberd - Normal (Art of War)Berserk - Gurunberd - 1/7 - Bust (Headlong)




Grunbeld, known in Japan as Gurunberd (グルンベルド), is a member of the reformed Band of the Hawk, and an exceedingly strong apostle. He is a giant, red-haired man in scale plate armour that resembles a dragon and armed with a warhammer and a shield containing a hidden cannon. He is renowned as a famous war veteran in the northern part of the continent where he apparently held ground against a superior, overwhelming force of three thousand from Chudor, lasting for months on end. He fought Guts at Flora's manor; at first easily defeating Guts already battle ravaged body but was forced to reveal his Apostle form after Guts became possessed by the Berserker Armor. In this form, Grunbeld is a quadruped dragon whose outer shell is composed of stylized corundum crystal formations harder than steel and is able to exhale flames from his mouth.

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