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Mozgus (モズグス) was a fanatical priest whose symbol was a set of wheels, signifying his preferred method of execution. Mozgus had a smooth, blocky-looking face (which was due to a prayer ritual he performed every day that required him to slam his head upon the ground repeatedly) which became extremely wrinkled when he begins showing strong emotions. Extremely zealous, he captured and tortured large numbers of supposed heretics, forcing them to "confess" before summarily being executed. Mozgus was accompanied by a squad of disfigured or otherwise disabled torturers who double as his bodyguards. The torturers were unquestionably loyal to Mozgus who embraced them as being chosen by God where before they had known nothing more than scorn as social pariahs. During the Resurrection Arc, Farnese and the Holy Iron Chain Knights were assigned the task of guarding him after they allowed Guts to escape but Farnese gradually grew more and more disenchanted with Mozgus's methods. On the day of the Incarnation Ceremony, Mozgus announced his intention to burn Casca as a witch, causing Guts to attack him and his torturers. During the battle, the Egg of the Perfect World turned him and his torturers into pseudo-apostles resembling bird-like humanoids, which gave them and the onlooking crowd the illusion of their having been turned into angels. However, despite their newfound power, their transformation failed to save them as Guts killed first the torturers and then Mozgus himself. His body is last seen (reverted to human form with his death) engulfed in the fire he had been able to breathe while in his pseudo-apostle form, around which a handful of the refugees are crowded. The flames, even in death, provide them protection from the flesh-consuming mass that was consuming the area, and it is remarked that Mozgus seemed more a guardian angel in death than in life.

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