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Rickert (リッケルト) was the youngest in the old Band of the Hawk; he was just a child. He is one of the few surviving members of the original Band of the Hawk. After the Eclipse, which he wasn't present at, he lived with Godo, the smith who created Guts' Dragon Slayer, and became his smith apprentice. For the next two years, Rickert's talents as a smith grew. He tweaked Guts's armor and replaced his old crossbow with a repeating crossbow. During his stay with Godo, Rickert had remained completely unaware of what transpired at the Eclipse. He was thus able to put the past behind him. It wasn't until after Guts, Griffith and Casca were reunited at the Hill of Swords that he learned of the original Band of the Hawk's fate. Even still, Griffith offered Rickert a position in the new Band of the Hawk. After the death of Godo and the destruction of his mine by Zodd, Rickert travels with Godo's adopted granddaughter, Erica. In the anime, possibly due to English errors, Rickert's name is given as "Ricket", lacking the "R", and is addressed as such in the show.

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