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Silat (シラット) is a highly skilled and agile Kushan fighter first encountered by Guts in the Golden Age arc. He wields exotic weapons including chakrams, Katara's (कटार) and urumi. His combat style is similar to kalaripayat, though Guts has referred to him as a circus performer due to Silat's exotic appearance, acrobatics and his almost theatrical tendency to call out his attacks. Silat and Guts first met prior to the Eclipse in a fight tournament at a carnival to determine who would lead a band of mercenaries to finish off a very battered and demoralized Band of the Hawk. When a victorious Guts refused to claim the prize, Silat, as runner-up, took on the job, which led to his second defeat. Years later, it is revealed that Silat is the leader of the Bākiraka clan, and that he is working under Emperor Ganishka in order to restore his people to their rightful place. To do this, he has tried to find and capture Griffith, but was unsuccessful in the task. However, after he witnessed how his emperor creates his demon soldiers, the Dāka, and saw Ganishka's frightening sorcery while the emperor himself fought off Griffith's apostle lancers, he may be questioning his sworn allegiance. A Kushan engineer of Griffith's named Jaris offered Silat a position in the Band of the Hawk, but Silat has thus far not accepted, showing an apparent disdain for blind obedience in demi-gods. His name is borrowed from the martial art silat.

His clan almost all utilize the same style of acrobatics and precision attacks with exotic weapons, such as toothed-swords, bladed discs, and the like, and defeat Midland infantry with ease, only meeting their match (understandably) against foes such as Guts, or, on one occasion, the Apostle Zodd. Among the clan, however, are four men who fight in a dramatically different style more suiting their towering frames and nubs of swollen bone near their big toes, index fingers, knees, and elbows (the striking points in their attacks). They are shown not only to be blindingly fast, but also capable of smashing through bone and steel armor alike with their strikes, much of which resembles the real-world Hung Ga fighting style, which emphasizes low stances and powerful hand strikes, though they use their legs as well. Two of them are present at the time when Silat is shown the Apostle-construct that creates the Kushan monsters, but a total of four have been shown at a single time. None have ever been shown killed in combat.

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