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Silver Chariot
Silver Chariot
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Silver Chariot (シルバー・チャリオッツ) is Polnareff's stand. Its name is based on the tarot card of the Major Arcana, The Chariot (VII). It has an evolved form featured in Part V: Vento Aureo.

In appearance, it looks like a thin, robotic humanoid clad in medieval armor, armed with a rapier. It has an extremely thin waist, consisting of little more then a cable about as wide as the stand's Head. It's sword is part of its hand in the manga, its wrist fitting where the hilt of the blade would be,with the guard curving around it, though during the fight with The Lovers it was shown to be replaceable with a normal hand when not in battle, but in the anime, it is simply held. Like almost all stands, Silver Chariot is devoid of will or personality, serving Polnareff without question, though it does display a high learning ability, as Polnareff rarely gives it direct orders. Unlike most Stands, whose users can see through their eyes, Polnareff has no such ability, due to Silver Chariot's armor. If necessary, Polnareff can also shed Silver Chariot's armor away, exposing its robotic form. In this form, Silver Chariot is even faster, to the point it can actually move fast enough to create seemingly up to eight doubles. These doubles are not illusory; the Stand is moving at faster-than-the-eye-can-see speed between different positions. As such, were all the doubles to attack at once, it'd mean that the Stand is attacking from all those positions simultaneously, giving it incredible destructive power. Similarly, because of this same speed, attacking the doubles would be futile, as the Stand can easily move away before being harmed.

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