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Freezer - Second FormFreezer - Second Form

Freezer - Second Form
Freezer - Second Form
Original name
フリーザ - 第2形態
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Dragon Ball Z - Freezer - First Form - Freezer - Final Form - Freezer - Second Form - Freezer - Third Form - Neo High Quality Keyholder #1 (Banpresto)



Freezer's second form is similar in appearance to the first, except much larger, both in height and muscle mass, which can be clearly seen on his chest and stomach areas. Frieza claims to have at least doubled his power in this state, which he has stated is over 1,000,000. He also grows longer horns, which now instead of protruding sideways from his skull curve sharply upwards into near right angles. His armor cannot contain his form and shatters, leaving him with a new, white natural armor covering his chest and shoulders. He has purple sections on his shoulders and abdomen, and orange sections on his forearms and shins. In this form, he somewhat resembles his father King Cold. In the English anime, this form is referred to as his true first form, probably because of his father's form.

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