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Li ShuwenLi Shuwen

Li Shuwen
Li Shuwen
Original name
李 書文





Li Shuwen (李書文), a legendary martial artist from China who, despite born in modern times, carved many legends. A Chinese martial artist from Yanshan County, Hebei - Cangzhou (1864~1934). Having been born in the deathbed of the Qing Dynasty, Li Shuwen distinguished himself soon after beginning to take lessons in Bājíquán, ascending to the point of being extolled as the strongest in the history of Chinese martial arts. A prominent martial artist in the history of Chinese martial arts, renowned as "a second strike is needless, so long there is one it will suffice". Otherwise he is known as Demon Fist Master (魔拳士) of the Bājíquán. Rather than learning 1,000 techniques, he personified a literal one-hit kill by thoroughly polishing up a single technique.

In Fate/Extra he is summoned as an Assassin Class Servant who later switches to Berserker Class.
In Fate/Grand Order he can be summoned as a Lancer Class Servant.
In Fate/Extella he's summoned as an Assassin Class Servant.
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