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Kamen Rider Agito Ground FormKamen Rider Agito Ground Form

Kamen Rider Agito Ground Form
Kamen Rider Agito Ground Form
Original name
仮面ライダー アギト グランドフォーム





The Ground Form is the default form of Agito, accessed through the Alter Ring belt. This form harnesses the power of the earth, turning Shoichi's entire body into a lethal weapon, with bone-crushing blows and crippling locks. Of all the forms, the golden Ground Form is the most balanced form, with power, speed and strength working in harmony to make the most of its capabilities. At its peak, the crest horns upon his head opens, pushing all of Agito's capabilities to their fullest to execute his Rider Kick, a jump kick of incredible raw power and force; or with the Machine Tornader, the Rider Brake (through jumping off the Machine Tornader at full speed), and Dragon Breath, which involves ramming the side of the Machine Tornader into the enemy. Ground Form appears to be able to use a Rider Punch.

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