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Fatal Frame, known in Japan as Zero (零~zero~) and in Europe as Project Zero, is a survival horror video game for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles. It is the first game in the Fatal Frame series, and the only one to be rated T (teen) in North America.

The game revolves around a girl named Miku Hinasaki, who in 1986, goes to the supposedly haunted Himuro Mansion to search for Mafuyu, her older brother. Mafuyu has been missing for two weeks, after visiting Himuro Mansion to look for his mentor, Junsei Takamine. He had also gone missing in the mansion, together with his assistant and editor, whilst conducting research for a new novel.

As Miku explores deeper into the mansion, she eventually learns about the dark secrets behind the enormous mansion and about the malignant spirit of Kirie, who had kidnapped Mafuyu because of his strong resemblance to her former lover, a young man who visited the mansion. Although Miku manages to rescue Mafuyu in the end of the game, Mafuyu tells her that he must stay at Kirie's side so that she will not be alone again. Afterwards, the underground cavern crumbles and Mafuyu disappears together with Kirie. After she escapes, Miku sees the entrapped spirits of the mansion being released and floating into the night air. There is an additional ending where Miku escapes with her brother who leaves Kirie behind in the cavern (although according to the events in Fatal Frame III, this is not considered canon). Either ending, Miku explains that after that day she stopped seeing things that normal people cannot see.
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