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Takemi Tae
Takemi Tae
Original name
武見 妙
Also known as
Dark Physician
Punk-rock Woman
Languid Doctor
The Plague


Persona 5 - Takemi Tae - 1/7 (Amakuni, Hobby Japan)Persona 5 - Takemi Tae - 1/7 (Zoumaden)




Tae Takemi is the owner of Takemi Medical Clinic in Yongen-Jaya. She believes in her own theory of pharmaceutics and sells barely legal prescriptions to her patients secretly. She originally worked for a university but was fired after she was scapegoated for a disastrous medical trial she advised against, and it is eventually revealed her clinical trial is actually an attempt to perfect the drug and regain her credibility.

Later, it is revealed the patient who died actually survived, but lost her confidence in Tae's old hospital and transferred out-to prevent bad PR, the director Shoichi Oyamada (who was jealous of Tae to begin with, feeling he only received his position due to nepotism) covered up her survival and perjured Tae for the patient's "death"; after stealing his heart, he admits the truth and Takemi's good name is restored.
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