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Mother 3
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Mother 3 - Game Boy Advance Game (Nintendo)Sakai Shougo - Suzuki Keiichi - Tanaka Hirokazu - Mother 3 - Original Soundtrack - MOTHER3+ (Ratspack Records)


Mother 3 (マザースリー) is a role-playing video game for the Game Boy Advance handheld game console, developed by HAL Laboratory and Brownie Brown, published by Nintendo. It was praised for its humorous elements, intriguing storyline, and innovative beat-responsive battle techniques. Although the game itself was never released outside of Japan, a translation patch made by fans has come out on the internet for Mother 3, making gameplay outside of Japan only available on emulation or through the usage of a "flash cart".

Mother 3 is set in the Nowhere Islands, in an unknown time period. Chaos ensues after an invasion by the Pigmask Army, named after the uniforms, which resemble pigs, and its leader "King Porky" who came from a different timeline. They slowly construct a police state, while experimenting on the land's flora and fauna, and introducing new technology and infrastructure to the islands. The various chapters culminate in Lucas's quest to rid the Nowhere Islands of the Pigmask Army.

Itoi describes the world of Mother 3 as being "macho", saying that "the good guys are strong and fight, and so do the bad guys, set up to mean might equals right. Itoi had a difficult time creating another location called the Tanehineri Islands, which included a twisted, nightmarish world caused by the characters' consumption of psilocybin mushrooms. It features a similar vibe to Moonside, a location from EarthBound, and is like a mirror of the player's mind, reflecting the player's worst nightmares. The temporary dialogue Itoi used for Tanehineri Island was so unpleasant that he could not stand to look at it, and tried to tone it down by rewriting it, though commenting that he still found it unpleasant. Itoi stated his worst nightmare would be his friends and family being evil, which is a recurring theme in the hallucinations that Lucas and company suffer. He stated that Tanehineri Island features a similar flavor to shows such as Twin Peaks and Lost. While previous titles in the series required the player to call the protagonist's father to save their game, the player must save through "Save Frogs" scattered throughout the world. He anticipated that people would complain about the change and ask why it was done, explaining that "they are tiny, they seem like they could be anywhere, and they won't get in your way, yet they do stand out. A dog wouldn't really seem like a save point."

The first location observed is Tazmily Village, known as Tatsumairi Village in Japan. It is a rural village with a communal gift-giving system. Its English name was first shown in previews of EarthBound 64, and was later used in the PAL version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though the North American version referred to it as "Tatsumari Village". A later location, the kingdom of Osohe, is an uninhabited castle whose princess is the girl Kumatora. It is the location of a mystical item called the Hummingbird Egg. Osohe Castle, a locale in the game, was created by Itoi as a time table of sorts. He commented that no matter how correctly you portray a time period, it's easy for it to appear to be shallow, but when you dig up a fossil, you realize that it inhabited this world at one time, using the Nazca Lines as an example. New Pork City is the final location in the game, and was featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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