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Rockman X
Rockman X
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The Mega Man X series made its debut in December of 1993 on the Super Famicom and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The series is set in the 22nd century, almost one-hundred years after the events of the first Mega Man series. The story revolves around Mega Man X, the final creation of Dr. Thomas Light, who is discovered by world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Cain and used to create an advanced race of robots known as "Reploids" (called so because they are literally replicas based on the design of X). However, not long after their creation, some of the Reploids begin to go "Maverick" and attack humans. Because of this, Dr. Cain is asked by the council to put a stop to this, and as such, forms a special unit to stop these "Mavericks" known as the "Maverick Hunters." However, the leader of the Hunters and Dr. Cain's initial creation, Sigma, goes Maverick himself, taking many of the Hunters with him. Thus, the "Maverick Wars" begins to take shape...

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