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Sendou ErikaSendou Erika

Sendou Erika
Sendou Erika
Original name
千堂 瑛里華




Fortune Arterial ~ Akai Yakusoku ~ - Sendou Erika - Character Fan Disc - Fortune Red (AMG Music)Kisaragi-MIC - Fortune Arterial - Sendou Erika - Doujinshi - Hentai - Comics - Shiroiro no Ehon + (Pastel Wing)


Erika is also a fifth-year student, as well as the student council vice-president. She is also a vampire. She is strong in literature classes and martial arts, and is very attractive, making her popular in her school. She has an inquisitive personality, and likes to do things directly. Once she has her mind set on something, she becomes very pushy, and will take her time making plans to make sure she gets her way. Her older brother Iori is the student council president.

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