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Manabe NodokaManabe Nodoka

Manabe Nodoka
Manabe Nodoka
Original name
真鍋 和




K-ON!! - Manabe Nodoka - Image Song (Pony Canyon)K-ON! - Manabe Nodoka - K-ON! Character Image Song Series: Manabe Nodoka (Pony Canyon)


Voiced by: Chika Fujitō (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English)
Nodoka is Yui's childhood friend and confidant who is a member of the school's student council. As a normal, well-mannered and intelligent girl, she is generally taken aback by the light music club's odd behavior, and easily gets annoyed with Ritsu whenever she forgets to fill in the club's application forms.[5][14] She shares the same class as Mio in their second year, who appreciates her companionship tremendously, she being the only person Mio knows in her class.[53] In her third year, she becomes the student council president and is also in the same class as the other third year club members. She gradually becomes the president of Mio's fan club through unknown circumstances (possibly out of her control), even when she originally turned down the position. Nodoka chooses to go to a national university as opposed to the same college as Yui and the others.
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