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Hanato KobatoHanato Kobato

Hanato Kobato
Hanato Kobato
Original name
花戸 小鳩


Kobato - Hanato Kobato - Ioryogi (Kotobukiya)Kobato - Hanato Kobato - CLAMP in 3-D Land 6th Series - Clamp in 3-D Land (Movic)Kobato - Hanato Kobato - P:chara (GSI Creos)Kobato - Hanato Kobato - P:chara - Kimono Ver. (GSI Creos)




A strange and naïve girl with a kind heart, never wanting to see someone suffer or get hurt. She is very innocent and dedicated. It is also noted that she is a beautiful singer. Despite her role as the titular character, she is a bit of an enigma within the series, as her origins have yet to be explained. She seeks to heal the heartaches of others, resulting in the filling up of a mysterious bottle called a "flask" with the suffering of those people's hearts so that someday she will be able to go to a certain place that she really wants to go. It has been implied that she came from another dimension. She seems to have no memories of her past.

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