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VF-1J Super Valkyrie (Maximillian Jenius Machine)

VF-1J Super Valkyrie (Maximillian Jenius Machine)
VF-1J Super Valkyrie (Maximillian Jenius Machine)
Original name
VF-1J スーパーバルキリー (マクシミリアン・ジーナス機)

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Ace Valkyrie pilot Maximilian Jenius was inevitably promoted later in the series and given command of his own air team. Thus, Max leaves behind his old VF-1A and now flies a VF-1J Valkyrie. The new VF-1J "Max" retains the blue colors from his old VF-1A, but goes from white-blue to blue-white, with nearly the entire hull painted in his personal blue colors with white highlights. It has been suggested the red colored hot section stripe upon the engine/leg of the VF-1J "Max" is a subtle link to Millia's red colored VF-1J, the female Zentradi pilot who becomes his wife.
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