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Miyafuji YoshikaMiyafuji Yoshika

Miyafuji Yoshika
Miyafuji Yoshika
Original name
宮藤 芳佳




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The main character of the series, age fourteen and hailing from the Fuso Empire. A typical young girl who comes from a family of clinicians who use their magic powers to heal people. Yoshika gains the features of a mame-shiba when using said power. Her father designed the Striker Units the Strike Witches use to fight. However, because her father died in the war she is vehemently against fighting when Mio Sakamoto appears to recruit her. Only after entering combat for the first time, helping to defend the Fuso fleet heading to Britannia from a Neuroi attack, does she decide to join the 501st. Now she holds the rank of Sergeant. Yoshika has a talent for cooking, but tends to care more about her food's health benefits than its taste, such as when she introduced the other Witches to natto. Carries a 13mm Type99 Machine gun along with a M712 in battle. In the OVA she had a small gray dog as a familiar which has not yet appeared. Her Striker Unit is modeled after the A6M Zero and she is based on the ace Kaneyoshi Mutoh.

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Import from Japan

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