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Chopper Man
Chopper Man
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Chopper Man the hero of the story, uses his Chopper Cape to fly and save the world. Although he can fly with the cape, he also has a private jet, called Air Force C but doesn't ride in it as its just a model. His ultimate weapon is his cuteness, which he uses through his ultimate attack, the "Kyuun Spark". If his enemy doesn't care about cuteness, he will resort to "Chopper Violence". He is obsessed with giant robots, particularly those used by the enemy to wreck havoc on innocent civilians.

In a short, one-shot story by Eiichiro Oda, entitled Chopper Man, Chopper is depicted as a superhero, with members of the Straw Hat Pirates featured in various different roles (mostly villains). The story parodies the superhero, and super sentai genres, as well as One Piece itself.

Chopper Man, originally created for the One Piece Blue: Grand Data File, had later appearances in Chopper's Grand Battle 3 ending, the omake was originally published in The 6th Log: "Arabasta" in March 31, 2006, the colorspread for chapter 405, and then finally in the first Mugiwara Theater short, which aired with episode 279.

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