Owal Koten「Never End」Owal Koten「Never End」

Owal Koten「Never End」
Owal Koten「Never End」
Original name
おわる個展「Never End」
Also known as
Owal Solo Exhibition 「Never End」




Owal - Hang Out Crisis - Junjou Bitch, Hatsukoi Kei - Kichiku, Encount - Omoichigai ga Koi no Tane - Our House Love Trouble - Pussy King-sama no Akuheki - Rikai Funou Kuso Cutie - Sweet Room Escape - Art Book - Owaru Koten Exhibition Artbook「Never End」 (Takeshobo, Vanilla Gallery)


Owal’s commercial debut at Takeshobo Qpa was in 2012. Over the past few years, she has become a master of ‘ero-kyun’ ,and has been active in the front lines since then.
She has always pursued a whole new way to express ‘moe’ and eroticism, and has been fascinated by many readers for many years with her insatiable and readable works.
She draws various aspects of the cool, cute, and eros of handsome boys falling in love on a beautiful screen with a dynamic view, she has been named as the erotic goddess of the Yaoi/BL world.
Currently, "Sweet Room Escape" is being serialized on Qpa.
Pussy King-sama no Akuheki
Rikai Funou Kuso Cutie
Our House Love Trouble
Omoichigai ga Koi no Tane
Hang Out Crisis
Kichiku, Encount
Junjou Bitch, Hatsukoi Kei.
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