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Kamen Rider OOO - Mezool - Chara Fortune Series: Kamen Rider OOO ★ Kougami-Kaityou's Desire - Chara Fortune (MegaHouse)



Mezool (メズール) is the aquatic animal Greeed, the only female of the group with the ability to generate torrents of water from her hand and agility. Though incomplete due to some of her Core Medals going missing, Mezool appears to be the most kind of the Greeed as her methods can provide enough Cell Medals for both herself and the other Greeed. She serves as a leader figure to the others, keeping Uva and Kazari in line while acting like a mother to Gamel. Mezool assumes the form of a high school-aged girl. Her marine life-based Yummy, which first become roe-like eggs, feed indirectly off the human's desire while forming a "nest" that incubates over a period of time while the human indulges their desire. Their presence mostly concealed until the eggs hatch into their complete forms, either with one Yummy at a time or all eggs hatch into an army, compelled to return to Mezool and break up into many Cell Medals for her and the Greeed to ingest.

View spoilerHide spoilerAfter being tricked by Kazari as he takes all but one of her Core Medals, finds herself on the run from Uva before finding Gamel and absorbs him to regain her Core Medals as well as any other Core Medals in Gamel's body. Not having all of her Core Medals to contain the power, her seemingly complete form ended up being as unstable before Mak's adding two of Uva's Core Medals and several thousand Cell Medals unto the Greeed causes her to become a Mega Greeed. As a result of becoming a Mega Greeed Out of Control (巨大グリード暴走態) due to the unstable power within her, her new leviathan-like body having heavy animal characteristics due to the influence of Gamel's Medals, Mezool becomes a mindless monster with an obsession to consume everything in sight. With assistance from Kamen Rider Birth, Kamen Rider OOO retrieves Uva's two Core Medals from the Mega Greeed's body and destroys her with Gatakiriba Combo. Mezool's Core Medals are then divided among the remaining Greeed, with Ankh claiming one Unagi Medal.

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