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Sawachika EriSawachika Eri

Sawachika Eri
Sawachika Eri
Original name
沢近 愛理




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From her introduction onwards, Eri is characterized as having a dual nature. Talented, beautiful, wealthy, and popular, she is admired and envied by her classmates for the glamorous lifestyle that many believe her to lead. In reality, however, Eri uses this image and her outward confidence to mask her inward feelings of loneliness and insecurity. Her social status makes her unapproachable to many of her classmates and leaves her somewhat isolated from her peers. Even at home, her parents are away on business more frequently than not. The process by which Eri grows and matures, as she starts to develop deeper friendships and searches for love, forms the backbone of one of the main plotlines in the story. She also develops feelings for Harima, she usually denies it, but as the story goes on her feelings for Harima get stronger. It is also hinted in School Rumble Z that they end up together in the future and have one child.

Born into wealth, Eri is the daughter of a prominent English businessman. Her mother is from Kyoto. Although Eri was born in Japan, she moved to England for her early schooling before returning to Japan to attend high school. As a result, her knowledge of kanji is limited, causing her to occasionally make humorous linguistic mistakes.

Eri's most striking features are her amber eyes and long blond hair (which she usually ties into pigtails), which signify her mixed British-Japanese heritage. While she is often admired for her looks, her origin is occasionally the subject of derisive remarks, such as during the class trip to Kyoto.

Harima's nickname for Eri is "Ojō (お嬢)", as a somewhat mocking reference to her status. In the English dub, Harima would call her by the name "Rich Girl." In the anime television series, Eri is voiced by Yui Horie in Japanese and Leah Clark in English. Conversely, she addresses to Harima as "Hige (ひげ)" (loosely translated as "bearded guy"), even after he does away with his facial hair.

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