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Mephisto Pheles
Mephisto Pheles
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Pheles is the Chairman of True Cross Academy and also an Exorcist. After Fujimoto's death Pheles was ordered to kill Rin, however he accepted Rin's proposal in becoming an Exorcist and entered him into True Cross Academy. It has been heavily implied that he is the son of Satan along with his brother, the Earth King, Amaimon. He possesses the unique and peculiar ability of transforming into a small dog after counting down from three in german. How powerful he is has not been shown but he has mentioned that he is an honaray knight, the position two ranks below Paladin. He has been shown responsible for allowing several higher class demons onto campus. His name is an obvious pun on the word Mephistopheles, which is name for the another infamous devil, similar to his father Satan.
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