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Sanada AkihikoSanada Akihiko

Sanada Akihiko
Sanada Akihiko
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Persona 3 - Sanada Akihiko - 1/10 (Kotobukiya)Persona 3 the Movie: #1 Spring of Birth - Sanada Akihiko - HappyKuji - HappyKuji Persona 3 the Movie: #1 Spring of Birth (Sunny Side Up)Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold - Sanada Akihiko - 1/8 (TauruSnail)




Age: 17 (18)
Date of Birth: September 22nd, 1991
Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 175.5 cm
Blood Type: A
Initial Persona: Polydeuces
Ultimate Persona: Caesar
Weapons: Gloves & Knuckles
Arcana: Emperor

Akihiko Sanada is the captain of the Gekkoukan High School boxing team and, along with Mitsuru Kirijo and Shinjiro Aragaki, one of the original member of S.E.E.S.. He and Shinjiro grew up in an orphanage together with Akihiko's little sister, Miki, who died in a fire that destroyed the orphanage. Devestated by her death and feeling powerless that he could not save her, Akihiko vowed to become stronger. He took up boxing so he could learn how to fight, becoming a champion student boxer in the process.

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