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Flay Allster

Flay Allster
Flay Allster
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Flay, the daughter of Atlantic Federation Vice Foreign Minister George Allster, is a pretty, popular, and to some extent spoiled, Heliopolis technical college student. Her fiancé is Sai Argyle, as arranged for by their parents. She has received a love letter from Sai, which was mentioned in episode 1 of Gundam SEED. The only one of his friends she seems familiar with is Miriallia Haw, with whom she shares idle gossip shortly before ZAFT attacks Heliopolis. She only knows Kira Yamato as "Sai's friend". She escapes the destruction of Heliopolis in a lifeboat and winds up on the Archangel when Kira retrieves it while piloting the GAT-X105 Strike.

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