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Emiya KiritsuguEmiya Kiritsugu

Emiya Kiritsugu
Emiya Kiritsugu
Original name
衛宮 切嗣


Fate/Zero - Emiya Kiritsugu - 1/8 - Zero ver., Refined (Max Factory)Fate/Zero - Emiya Kiritsugu - Figma #151 (Max Factory)Fate/Zero - Emiya Kiritsugu - 1/8 - Zero ver. (Max Factory)Fate/Zero - Emiya Kiritsugu - Capsule Q Fraulein - Capsule Q Fraulein Fate/Zero (Kaiyodo)Fate/Zero - Emiya Kiritsugu - Fate/Zero Petit Chara Land - Chimitto Seihai Sensou - Petit Chara Land (MegaHouse)Fate/Zero - Emiya Kiritsugu - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Premium Fate/Zero Part 2 (Banpresto)Fate/Zero - Emiya Kiritsugu - DXF Figure - Fate/ZERO DXF Figure Vol. 4 (Banpresto)Fate/Zero - Emiya Kiritsugu - Chibi Kyun-Chara - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Kyun-Chara World Fate/Zero Part 2 (Banpresto)Fate/Zero - Emiya Kiritsugu - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Premium Fate/Zero PART 1 - Kyun-Chara (Banpresto)




Emiya Kiritsugu (衛宮切嗣, Emiya Kiritsugu) is the father of Illyasviel von Einzbern and Emiya Shirou. He has a minor role in Fate/stay night and is one of the major characters in the novel prequel Fate/Zero. He was a freelancer and infamously known as the Magus Killer (魔術師殺し, majutsushigoroshi).

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