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Presea Combatir
Presea Combatir
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Presea Combatir (プレセア・コンバティール) is a lumberjack from the small town of Ozette, in Tethe'alla. She admires Colette for being able to "smile and forgive" almost any wrongdoing. Furthermore, she is one of the few characters who tolerates Zelos' flippant behavior, and she seems to take everything quite literally. She has a knack for whittling, and has made figurines and brooches that are popular in the capital city of Meltokio.

View spoilerHide spoilerWhen the party first meets her, she is the victim of an Exsphere with a Key Crest made of an unknown substance other than Inhibiter Ore; this is part of an attempt to use her as a host body in creating a Cruxis Crystal. She agreed to take part in this experiment as her sister Alicia had left for Altamira, and their father, Sieg, had become too ill to continue work as a lumberjack: Presea wanted the Exsphere to enable herself to be strong enough to use his axe in his place. Following numerous experiments, a Cruxis Crystal began to grow in Presea, and as with all Exspheres, it increased her strength, but because it was not controlled by a Key Crest, it suppressed her consciousness causing her to behave robotically and stopped her body from aging, resulting in her physical age becoming out of synch with her chronological age. The rest of Ozette's villagers shun her and call her a monster for being seemingly unable to age, wielding a massive axe with the body of a twelve year-old, and for not burying her father, who had succumbed to an illness long before without her noticing. After regaining her consciousness, she joins Lloyd's quest. She eventually learns to accept that her lost time will not be returned and to let go of her anger towards others, and while her emotions remain somewhat subdued her behavior and emotional range gradually improve. At the end of Tales of Symphonia, it shown that despite having the body of a 12 year old, she is actually 28 chronologically.

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