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Jewelry BonneyJewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney
Jewelry Bonney
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Jewelry Bonney is a gluttonous pirate captain from the South Blue. She is one of eleven pirates who have been referred to as "The Eleven Supernovas" on Sabaody Archipelago whose bounties are higher than 100,000,000 when the Straw Hat Pirates arrive. Her bounty is 140,000,000.

Bonney exhibits unexplained abilities that appear to come from a (probably a Paramecia type) Devil Fruit that involves age manipulation. She is somehow be able to change her and others age and appearance. She apparently wears skimpy clothing and suspenders so that her clothes will fit when she becomes a child.

Bonney's name comes from the real-life 18th century female pirate Anne Bonny.

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