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Star Ocean 4 - PS3 Game - International (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth - PSP Game (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)Star Ocean: Till the End of Time - PS2 Game (Tri-Ace, Tri-Crescendo, Enix, Square Enix)End of Eternity - PS3 Game (SEGA, Tri-Ace)Star Ocean: Second Evolution - PSP Game (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria - PS2 Game (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)End of Eternity - Xbox 360 Game (SEGA, Tri-Ace)Radiata Stories - PS2 Game (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)Star Ocean: First Departure - PSP Game (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)Star Ocean 4 - Xbox 360 Game (Tri-Ace, Square Enix)Infinite Undiscovery - Xbox 360 Game (Tri-Ace, Square Enix)DS Game - Valkyrie Profile Toga o Seou Mono (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)Star Ocean: The Second Story - PS1 Game (Enix, Tri-Ace)Star Ocean 5 -Integrity and Faithlessness- - PS4 Game (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)Sakuraba Motoi - Labyrinth no Kanata - Album - Original Soundtrack (Konami, Sony Music Entertainment)Phantasy Star Nova - PSVita Game (SEGA, Tri-Ace)Star Ocean 5 -Integrity and Faithlessness- - PS3 Game (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)Star Ocean: Blue Sphere - Game Boy Color Game (Tri-Ace, Enix)Star Ocean 5 -Integrity and Faithlessness- - PS4 Game - Ultimate Box (Square Enix, Tri-Ace)Exist Archive -The Other Side of the Sky- - PS4 Game (Spike Chunsoft, Tri-Ace)Exist Archive -The Other Side of the Sky- - PSVita Game (Spike Chunsoft, Tri-Ace)Labyrinth no Kanata - Nintendo 3DS Game (Tri-Ace, Konami)Star Ocean - Super Famicom Game (Enix, Tri-Ace)Star Ocean: Till the End of Time - PS2 Game - Director's Cut (Square Enix, Tri-Ace, Tri-Crescendo)


Tri-Ace is a Japanese video game development company formed in March 1995 by former Telenet Japan employees Yoshiharu Gotanda (programmer, current tri-Ace President), Masaki Norimoto (game designer) and Joe Asanuma (director). The name is a play on words regarding the "three aces" who formed the company. Most of tri-Ace's games have been published by Square Enix (formerly Enix).
The group exclusively makes role-playing video games, and is known for giving their games action-packed battle systems and deep skill systems. This trademark style began when the founders of tri-Ace originally worked for Telenet Japan's Wolfteam, and had created Tales of Phantasia. This game, published by Namco, is a precursor to tri-Ace's own Star Ocean games in several ways.
The company's sound programmer Hiroya Hatsushiba formed tri-Crescendo in 1999 which has since developed several games independently of tri-Ace.
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