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Gally (ガリィ Garyi), is the main protagonist. She is known for her fighting prowess as a practitioner of the powerful cyborg martial art Panzer Kunst and skill at the most popular sport in The Scrapyard, motorball. Gally is occasionally referred to as "octopus lips" due to her pouty expression. Gally 's background and history were briefly hinted at, but were not fully explored until Last Order, which reveals that she was highly instrumental in creating the world within which both manga series are set.

Gally takes on a variety of roles through the manga, starting out as a hunter-warrior or licensed bounty hunter. She later becomes a motorball player, two years after which she is recruited by the Tipharean Ground Investigation Bureau to be an elite member of the TUNED, unknowingly serving as the basis for the development of their combat cyborgs known as the GR (Gally Replica) series which debut towards the end of the original series. In Last Order, a replica of her spearheads a team called the Space Angels which includes three other replicas that competes in the LADDER-sponsored Zenith of Things Tournament.
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