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Kasugano SoraKasugano Sora

Kasugano Sora
Kasugano Sora
Original name
春日野 穹





The main heroine of the series, she is a quiet, fragile and reclusive girl, and fraternal twin sister to the main protagonist. Ill and frail since birth, Sora was denied the sort of independent life that many take for granted. Yet beneath Sora's angelic doll-like appearance lies a troublesome personality that’s prone to withdrawn laziness and demonstrates a rather severe lack of social graces. In all honesty, Sora doesn't care for anyone else, and would much rather just surf the Internet and eat instant food, for as long as Haruka is always by her side. Her strong bond with Haruka, strengthened as a result of the tragic loss of their parents, leads her towards having fantasies of incest between twins. She hates Nao, although it is implied that they were once good friends. She is often seen carrying a rabbit doll, which she received as a present from her mother before she and Haruka left the village. Due to the strength of her feelings for her brother, Sora goes to great lengths to seduce Haru, and get him to spend more time with her.
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