Komaeda NagitoKomaeda Nagito

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Komaeda Nagito
Komaeda Nagito
Original name
狛枝 凪斗





Komaeda first comes off a polite and kind boy, but during the first trial he is revealed to be borderline insane. After showing off his true colors, he begins to ramble on about how hope is the most important thing in this world, and hope that is created from beating despair is the most amazing feeling that one could have. Komaeda also doesn't really care for his own life, in fact he encourages the other students to kill him as long as someone feels hope from it. He also considers himself worthless when compared to the other Super High School Level Students, claiming that his talent is pathetic and that he was born a talentless person who will never be considered anything special. Later, however, he finds his luck to be incredible and tells the other students to believe in themselves and Komaeda's own luck.

Birth Date - April 28th
Gender - Male
Height - 180 cm
Weight - 65 kg
Voice Actor - Megumi Ogata
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